10 Ways to Use Leftover Holiday Dessert

10 Ways to Use Leftover Holiday Dessert

There are so many suggestions for what to do with your leftover holiday dinner. Even for turkey alone! Leftover holiday dessert is just as common as leftovers at dinner so here are some ideas to use those leftover deserts:

Christmas Pudding

Ice Cream

Christmas pudding freezes really well and if it is mixed with fresh custard and a touch of almondy Amaretto it is a tasty dessert that keeps.


When you do your Christmas shopping buy some sheets of filo pastry and fill it with Christmas pudding the next day. Serve with hot custard or ice cream.


Iced pudding mousse would be great at New Years Eve parties and keeps for a month if you have guests anytime in January. Use the traditional basin shape and add orange liqueur. There are many recipes out there to help you make this one taste great.


Pie Crust

You don’t need to throw cookies away when they start to go stale. One idea is to make a cookie crumb pie crust by crushing cookies (about 12) with butter. Press it into a greased pie plate and find a number of recipes on what to fill it with.


Cookie crumbs are amazing in milkshakes, even if they are a little too stale to eat out of hand. Combine them with a bit of ice cream, milk or cream, and even fruit, in the blender. Blend to your desired consistency. If you want a thicker shake use more ice cream.

Garnish Glass Rims with Cookie Crumbs

If you’re hosting a special event consider garnishing glasses with cookie crumbs. This works really well with winter drinks such as chocolate martinis and coconut based vodka and rum drinks. For a non-alcohol alternative cookie crumbs are also great glass rims for hot chocolate and other hot beverages during the winter season.

Cookie Butter

Just like peanut butter you can make a spread but with your cookie crumbs and it’s very easy. Just mix and blend your cookie crumbs with butter or oil. You can use the spread as a topping for ice cream or just eat it right off the spoon.
10 Ways to Use Leftover Holiday Dessert

Candy Canes

Hot Chocolate

After everyone takes candy canes out of their stockings and decorations come down there are candy canes everywhere. Hot chocolate is a great place to stick them. The hot chocolate will develop a subtle peppermint flavour that will add to the enjoyment of this classic wintertime beverage.

Brownie Toppings

Bake some brownies and top them with candy cane. The taste of chocolate and peppermint together is irresistible.


A simple and delicious milkshake only requires vanilla ice cream, milk and crushed candy cane. Remember to save a whole one as garnish!

These ideas are only a few possibilities of ways to use leftover holiday desserts. If you use your leftover desserts differently let us know in the comments.

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