2016 Anticipated Food Trends


It’s all about how you get the food and how it’s delivered. From Google to Uber, they are all trying to get a piece of the action at the table. The tech-driven companies such as UberEats, now in Toronto focuses on high-speed delivery of food from a selection of restaurants straight to your door. Currently offering 13 restaurants to choose from. While Amazon currently only delivers non-fresh groceries to your door, they plan to deliver fresh food in the future. People don’t always have the time to go out to a restaurant or shop for groceries, so this is a great idea.



Chefs all over the world are traveling to other restaurants in other countries as guest chefs, so you can taste their food. What a great idea, can you imagine finding Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey at your local restaurant?

Pizza Bar available from en Ville

More restaurants and food processing facilities are doing away with artificial preservatives and synthetic colours by the end of 2016. Also fast food chains are adding healthier items to their menus, which is very important for a healthy diet.


Consumers are more concerned about where their food comes from, such as animal welfare, environmental impact, which effects their buying decisions. However it will not be as big a trend in Canada as it is in Europe. Canadians still want value verses Values at the moment.

Increase in Vegetable Protein

The United Nations declared 2016 to be the Year of Pulses (beans, chickpeas etc.). This is an international trend geared to getting more protein from vegetables and less from meats.

Pulses are Canada’s fifth largest crop if counted together, but unfortunately most of it grown gets exported.


Some high end restaurants have tried to do away with tipping, and instead add a 20 per cent charge to the customer bill. A restaurant in Toronto is trying the no tipping option and another in Vancouver tried this and reverted back to tipping after a few months, due to customer demand. The problem was they could not keep servers when they adopted the no tip method.


The Food Institute in Guelph predicts that food prices will exceed the general inflation rate in Canada. A research team led by Sylvain Charlebois of the University of Guelph Food Institute says that food inflation rate will be two to four percent more in 2016. Much of the blame goes to the falling Canadian dollar which has dropped 14 percent to just above 73 cents US. Approximately 81 per cent of fruit, vegetables and nuts are imported from outside of Canada.

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