4 Delicious Ways to Serve Doughnuts at Your Wedding


Finding new and enjoyable ways to make your special day unique and delicious isn’t as hard as you might think! People are coming up with all kinds of fun ways to add little twists and personal elements to their weddings and you can shop their awesome ideas to see what works for you.

Do you and your fiancé love doughnuts? Are you not huge fans of cake? Do you simply love the creative new doughnut flavors and trends that are plastered around social media? You’re in luck! People have found ways to pull ideas like this off flawlessly. Let others do the brainstorming and work for you and save yourself the planning stress by checking out these beautiful and intensely yummy ideas for adding doughnuts to your day.

Doughnuts are one of those treats that satisfy everyone from simple to sophisticated palates. They’ll be sure to deliver the smiles and tastiness needed on your special day. They are customizable and cost efficient making them a huge win for the décor and food budget as well as an easy way to work them into your wedding theme. From modern and festive style arrangements to glitzy and chic, doughnuts can fit in anywhere and we love them for that.

Doughnut Cake

Doughnut Cake

We’ll start with the most obvious and probably the one you’ve seen the most of. If you haven’t encountered a doughnut cake, you’re missing out. You can completely forego the traditional style wedding cake in favor of a luxurious stack of freshly baked doughnuts and we guarantee nobody will complain. Not only does it eliminate the need to cut cake and serve the pieces on plates to all your guests, they are also very affordable and delicious.

Party Favours

Sending your guests home with something memorable that they actually use can be a bit tricky, especially when there’s a budget. Don’t let a tight budget or uncertainty over little knick-knacks get in the way of you sending them home with something awesome. Box up some pretty doughnuts with a sweet note thanking them for coming. You can wrap them up like gifts or provide a doughnut bar as a fun DIY where guests can select their own favours. This is one party favour that won’t make it home.

Doughnut Truck

Speaking of thrilled guests, they will be ecstatic to see a doughnut truck pulling up at your wedding. It will be an unexpected arrival that guests will remember and talk about for quite a while. Food trucks are one of the newer wedding trends that really seems to be catching on. A doughnut truck will not only serve fresh and unique doughnuts; whether it is mini donuts or full size, it will certainly add a surprising twist to your wedding. A great way to have available desserts for the evening and guests will be lining up for seconds of this tasty treat. Get them while they’re hot!

Doughnut Centerpieces

Centerpieces & Décor

Doughnuts are a very festive dessert so this makes them the perfect option for a centrepiece or decoration at the reception. You can personalize the frosting and sprinkle colours to match your wedding decor as well as provide a variety of flavours and styles that will keep all your guests happy. Donuts look beautiful displayed even in the simplest ways but you can also use more creative methods to show them off. One way is to simply stack them up on pretty cake platters in the center of each table. Another great way to display them is to hang them from branches.


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