Adding a Touch of Whimsy to Your Wedding Reception



The term “whimsical” is defined as “having capricious humor”. It means playful, extravagant, creative and fanciful. It has allowed for a wide range of interpretations. From loud colour palettes, to a fairy enchanted forest theme. With over 30 years of experience, en Ville wedding planning Toronto can help you add that touch of Whimsy to your special day.

Even if you are a traditional bride or groom, there is nothing wrong with adding some playful elements to your wedding day and your guests will love it!



Large sofas and armchairs can add a unique touch to any wedding and would make the perfect seat for the bride and groom and would be perfect for photos. By adding various textured cushions, it creates a completely different feel. Your guests will love the comfort and relaxation of the chairs especially after a long day. You can create a whole new area at the reception by using several sofas and chairs, a great place for your guests to have some quiet time and a short break.


I am sure you have been to many weddings that have a soft, gentle look to them. Should you want to make a statement, you can add bright colours to the pale colours such as bold red, which creates drama and excitement to the display. This can be achieved by adding the colour to your table centerpieces or another main area of your reception.


Consumers are more concerned about where their food comes from, such as animal welfare, environmental impact, which effects their buying decisions. However it will not be as big a trend in Canada as it is in Europe. Canadians still want value verses Values at the moment.


Incorporating whimsy into your wedding in larger décor is not that difficult. Why not upscale your center pieces to a much larger floral arrangement, with cascading foliage, creating a less formal, yet well put together arrangement.


Think outside the box, instead of displaying your food on traditional stands, why not display them on a something different. For example, if you have a vintage themed wedding, you could display some of your food on vintage suitcases, and hat boxes, or even an old dressing table to add some interest.


There is something about twinkling lights when done right at a wedding that just adds that extra sparkle on the day. It is a good way to illuminate the room, making it feel more intimate and you could use lanterns as an alternative to transform any event space. Using led string lights wrapped around trees, can create a beautiful enchanted garden feel.


Custom designed coasters could create that whimsical feel, by adding quotes or funny riddles to them, your guests will love them. For example you could have the bride and grooms name and Drink up or better together written on them.


The most popular whimsical wedding themes include fairy, angel or ballerina themes. Creating a magical theme can be quite a challenge for most people, but adding just a touch of that to your wedding is very easy.

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