6 Birthday Party Foods That Kids Will Enjoy

6 Birthday Party Foods That Kids Will Enjoy | en Ville Birthday Catering

Ask any company that offers kids’ event catering Toronto and they’ll tell you how these special clients can be picky eaters. One way to ensure they enjoy what is served is keeping the food items familiar, simple and recognizable. With kids, you don’t want to introduce new food items on a birthday party. We’ve rounded up some 6 birthday party foods that appeal to kids. We hope these will help planning your kid’s birthday party a whole lot easier.

  1. Food on a stick
    For kids’ birthday parties avoid foods that are served on heavy cutlery. Kids love nothing more than eating with their hands. The best part about serving foods on a stick is that you’ll have no utensils to deal with after. From bite-sized kebabs to sandwich skewers and veggie skewers, there are so many tasty options to serve on a stick.
  2. Mac and Cheese
    Macaroni and cheese are the two ingredients that every kid loves. Your party catering Toronto should take into account these familiar ingredients. When you have these food options at the serving table or food station, be prepared to see their faces light up with glee. Mac and cheese will also work perfect for the grownups.
  3. Pizza Puffs
    Pizza puffs are easy to make snacks that your kids will certainly enjoy. It’s a fun way to serve something familiar but different from the plain old pizza. These work really great when served during lunch as they can be quite filling and tasty. If most of the kids are toddlers or preschoolers who will be eating at the same time, the pizza puffs are easy to pull together and won’t run out your budget.
  4. Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    The mini grilled cheese can be the perfect appetizers for kids’ birthday party. You can stack mini sandwiches with juicy tomatoes and cheese and put a stick to make it easy for the kids to pick. You can add ingredients like honey to give the sandwiches a unique twist. But be sure to use ingredients that kids will find tasty and they are familiar with.
  5. Dessert
    Want to offer kid’s the best birthday treat, consider setting up a dessert station with cupcakes, a birthday cake and whimsical sweets. You can add ingredients like marshmallows, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips to make a simple cupcake pop. Other ingredients like gelatin, candy and gum can also be featured in the dessert station. The birthday cake should go along with the theme. For instance, you can have a treasure hunt cake for a Pirate-themed birthday party.Sushi Rolls

Consider serving some kid-friendly sushi on your kid’s birthday party. Talk to the company offering catering Toronto on the possibility of making sushi that appeals to kids. You can add fresh fish and fruit to give the sushi a new twist. If you are worried about feeding the kids raw fish, you can simply substitute it with extra veggies.



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