Catering for a BBQ Event at Fort York

Catering for a BBQ Event at Fort York

Catering for a BBQ Event at Fort York by en Ville Catering

When it’s summer, we know it’s the perfect time to throw a barbeque party. The team at en Ville is always ready to help you celebrate summer in style. We combine high quality ingredients with simple menu ideas to bring together the barbeque meal of your dreams. We use the best local ingredients to achieve impressive flavours.

In this event, we had 3 chefs prepare 2 hot main dishes and 3 vegan and gluten free meals. The event was held at Fork York and it catered for 185 guests.

St. Louis – Style Ribs with Chili & Spice Rub & Maple Honey BBQ Sauce

The first main dish we prepared was some St Louis- style ribs with chilli and maple sauce. It’s a very simple dish that’s perfectly seasoned to give it an amazing flavour. We added the maple honey BBQ sauce for its sweetness plus it’s always a great crowd-pleaser. We love to use the St. Louis spares because they tend to be meatier and have a better flavour than other ribs.

Lemon & Garlic Marinated Chicken Breast, Grilled Chipotle Aioli & Pico de Gallo on the side

Barbeques aren’t complete without some marinated chicken breasts. We prepared this juicy chicken marinade served with grilled Chipotle Aioli & Pico de Gallo on the side. No matter how hot it is outside, we’re sure guests can easily enjoy this tasty grilled chicken breasts. We gave the guests an opportunity to enjoy the juiciest grilled chicken and we’re glad to say that it was among the top favourite dishes at the event. We marinated it perfectly with lemon and garlic to take the taste to a whole new level. The chicken crisped up so nicely it gave guests a watery mouth.

Acorn Squash filled with Quinoa, Artichoke Hearts, Oven Dried Grape Tomato

The Quinoa stuffed with acorn squash is the perfect meatless meal for the vegan guests. We kept it plant based for the guests who don’t take meat but want to enjoy the BBQ party. We threw in some easy ingredients that are readily available locally during the summer such as the Artichoke hearts and dried grape tomatoes.

Gourmet Baked Potato Bar

These are certainly not basic baked potatoes. We went an extra mile to offer a gourmet baked potato bar to give guests some tasty delights at the BBQ. Who doesn’t love baked potatoes on a summer day while mingling with friends and family? This was one of the top favourites for vegans at the BBQ.

The Sides

We prepared some tasty salads featuring the best produce of the summer season in Ontario. These salads were great snacks for the guests to bite on as they waited for the grill. We always make use of ingredients that are available locally to keep costs low and take advantage of fresh vegetables straight from the farms. We’ve made it our habit to visit the local farms and markets to learn about different foods and serve our guests the very best.

We kept it Simple

The client really wanted to make guests feel special on the barbeque party. That’s why we opted to keep it simple with a few main dishes and some vegan/gluten free options. Plus, who said you have to offer so many side dishes in a BBQ to make it memorable? Guests can still enjoy what you have on the grill with two or three side dishes. You don’t have to go overboard and spend a lot of money on a huge assortment. Just ensure you have a reliable catering team on your side to make it even more fun and festive.

An Unforgettable BBQ

This BBQ was a huge success. The guests loved all the dishes we prepared and indulged in the amazing flavours offered at the event. One thing that contributed into making the event a success was the fact that we started planning early. Every aspect of the menu was discussed with the client to ensure all needs were met. We also customized the menu to fit the client’s needs and expectations.

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