Catering Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Catering

If your wedding is scheduled for the summer months and you still haven’t figured out what to serve your guests, worry not. Summer weddings are our all-time favorites. You can celebrate in the sunshine and do everything outdoors. It just requires some proper planning. We’ll help you figure things out when it comes to outdoor wedding catering in Toronto. You’ll have many options when it comes to outdoor catering. From different themes and foods that are your personal favorites to trendy menu items you probably want to try out, the options are endless. Below are a few outdoor catering ideas for your wedding:

Wedding Barbecue

A barbecue is one of the best ideas for any outdoor wedding. First, attract your guests with the smoky tantalizing sound of the grill. Everyone enjoys a good barbecue and it’s a nice way to keep the guests enticed the minute they walk into the reception.

You don’t have to make the entire wedding casual if you are going for a barbecue. Barbecues are very versatile and you can still incorporate it in your formal and elegant wedding. It all depends on the food items you choose in your wedding menu as well as the display.

When choosing food items for a wedding barbecue opt for common favorites such as juicy steaks, chicken and ribs. These are popular barbecue foods that most people would love. Don’t forget to cater for the needs of vegetarian wedding guests in your midst. You may serve some grilled veggies which will ensure everyone is well sorted.

Outdoor Wedding Barbecue

Add A Picnic Basket On Each Table

Whenever the wedding party goes out to take photos, the guests are usually left roaming around with nothing much to do. One incredible idea would be to include a picnic basket on each table so that your guests can indulge in the delicacies while you take your time taking photos with the rest of the wedding party. Whatever you choose to put inside the basket will depend on your personal preference. You can opt for snacks such as cheeses, crackers and spreads. Something light that wouldn’t make the guests fully stuffed is most preferred.

You can add some local foods in your picnic baskets. This is especially ideal if most of your guests are not from the area. You may include a list of all the other local foods that you were not able to offer inside the basket.

Wedding Picnic Basket

Serve Some Delicious Salads

It would be nice to serve some salads on your summer wedding. Look for salads that are fresh and white. Opt for salads that will remain fresh even with minimum refrigeration. Consider the produce that is popular during the season as you are likely to find it at a cheaper cost and very fresh options.

Wedding Salads

When it comes to cooking, opt for outdoor catering which is a great opportunity to give your guests a culinary show. You can even have a mobile pizza oven and serve your guests some bites before dinner. You can use the pizzas as a late-night snack.


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