Cocktail Trends for Your Next Event


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In the warmer months frozen cocktails are perfect for any event. No longer associated with just tropical drinks like the Piña Coladas and Daiquiris, some bars in New Orleans are producing frozen gin and tonic cocktails. Did you know that the lime Daiquiri was enjoyed by the famous writer Earnest Hemmingway and President F Kennedy as one of their favourite drinks!


Draft cocktails have been appearing more in Toronto bars and with various success. You either love them or not, some people say they lose the quality that you get from fresh prepared cocktails. Other people feel like the lack of connection between the bartender and the customer disappears as they flip a tap instead of shaking and stirring the cocktail. The benefits of course are that you get a faster service, more consistent cocktails and they cost less.


Savory cocktails are getting popular this year, the Cesar of course is very popular, along with Martinis. But what you would think of a shiitake mushroom based cocktail or perhaps fat-washed spirits and seaweed? The chef at Oro restaurant in San Francisco, has incorporated wild fennel pollen into one of their cocktails. This will open the door to a whole new world of cocktail-food pairing possibilities.


Classic cocktails are making a comeback and one of the most frequently requested one is the Martini, with a classic Old Fashioned and Manhattan in high demand as well. This could even expand to include sweeter and more colourful cocktails of the disco era but updated versions of such cocktails as the Grasshopper or the Harvey Wallbanger.


In 2015, Gin experienced what many called a “renaissance” especially in the United Kingdom. Originally it had a reputation for the older crowd, but has made a big come back to all ages. Experts are predicting bars to offer more craft varieties, and the trend is also likely to drive the development of new tonic waters.


Expect to see more beer showing up in cocktails as they become more popular as the artisan brewers create more flavours.


Everyone loves tapas in restaurants, where you get small dishes of food to sample. Theses cocktails are typically served in 75ml glasses, and are offered at lower prices. They are becoming especially popular in the Asian bar scene. Guests can sample multiple varieties of one spirit such as rum, or whiskey, or even several different kinds of beers.


This year bartenders will sharpen their focus on crafting cocktails with refined flavor, and less on the use of unusual presentations. Instead of using crazy garnishes, fancy service ware, mixologists will deliver excellent flavor and consistency instead. Consumers when heading to the bar are looking for cocktails to be consistent, according to a survey. Mixologists will craft more accessible drinks with high quality and easy to understand ingredients.

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