Conventional Options to Replace the Traditional Sit-Down Dinner

Wedding Reception Ideas

If the idea of having a sit-down wedding dinner is not inviting to you, there are other catering alternatives that you can incorporate in your special occasion. Some of these options are actually more cost effective and still offer delicious food items for your guests to indulge in. Sit-down dinners are usually most ideal for formal weddings. But it can be very costly considering you have to include the price of linens, chairs, menus and the food items. Good thing is, it’s not the only option of wedding catering in the city of Toronto. We’ll take a look at some creative ways to serve dinner at a cost-effective budget and still impress your guests.

Cocktail-Style Reception

It doesn’t mean that you can only go for a cocktail style menu if you have an informal or casual occasion. You can use this catering style for your formal and elegant wedding too. You can set up a food station that is attended by a chef. Serve foods that are delicious from the station or have attendants passing the entrees to the small groups of people mingling during the reception. You can serve small snacks that are suitable to bite while mingling.

Consider Hiring Food Trucks

A food truck can add a casual feel and vibe to the wedding reception. The only challenge with food trucks is that the guests may not feed as fast or simultaneously as you may think. If you are planning on a cool and laid back style party, this is probably not going to be an issue. Just make sure you identify the ideal locations for setting up the food trucks. It’s important to give the reception a free-flowing and casual vibe with this catering option.

Lounge-Style Seating

One way to give guests the opportunity to interact with each other is to have a lounge-style seating. Rather than assigning each guest a chair, allow them to mingle and give the room a really nice flow with lounge-style sitting. The guests can easily move around and even stay on the dance floor during dinner. You can opt for a casual station setup with a professional service and beautiful décor. The way you present the entire catering style will determine how formal or casual it ends up looking. If you are having food stations, always ensure that the guests are still taken care of. This will make the event look more polished even though it has a casual vibe.

Personalize The Wedding Menu

A personalized wedding menu always works best. You can choose a team of caterers who are very ready to create unique menu ideas based on your favorite food items. In most cases, your caterer will give you great ideas on what would work best based on what you consider your personal favorites. If you want to use your wedding menu to share your story such as incorporating ethnic foods to showcase the different countries you’ve visited as a couple, your caterer should help you to pull this off. Always share your ideas and your caterer will help you choose a menu that best suits your wedding style.


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