5 Innovative Ideas In Event Catering

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When you plan an important event, every aspect should be perfect and memorable. Our experts in corporate catering in Toronto realize that there are no unimportant details in catering, and your choice influences your guests’ impressions, preferably in a good way. In this article the experts share some interesting ideas for improving your catering strategy. Your guests will surely enjoy it!

1. Offer The Options Your Guests Prefer

Do you worry about the impression your catering decisions will lead to? That may sound obvious but here one should offer the attendees what they want. Why not make a special post in your group on Facebook and ask people to vote (or even tell in comments) what they prefer? And if you plan and organize a lot of events on a regular basis, create a survey after them and ask for opinions and suggestions for the events that will come. People like when their opinion is taken into account, and it feels more personalized in this way.

2. Opt For Unique Foods

Average meals don’t exceed expectations. Why should you do the same as others do every time, if you wish your celebration to stand out? Consider providing unusual (maybe exotic) meals during you next event. Rice crispy burgers, for instance, are not so widely used in catering yet and can be an interesting change. Social media platforms (Pinterest and others) will provide you with plenty of other innovative and creative catering ideas.

3. Work In Partnership With A Well-Known Chef

Who can execute your innovative ideas more professionally than a famous chef? And don’t say no at once: it isn’t necessarily as expensive as you think. There are useful sites like Celebrity Chef Network, where one can choose from famous chefs! Of course, there is a competition there, and you have a chance to hire a good professional for a good price. The site can boast famous names like Adam Gertler, Amanda Freitag and others.

Corporate Catering en Ville

4. Present Appealingly And In An Unusual Way

Even if the budget is tight, it’s not a problem! You can find a way out by executing new and unusual catering ideas. Even when the food is simple, one can present it attractively or in an exotic way. Interactive food display will make the catering options exciting for your guests, and they will remember it.
One more great way to add fun and excitement for your guests is to make every item edible. There are wonderful ideas on the utensils that can be eaten, on the FoodieSpoon site.

5. Create A Connection Between The Meals And The Location Of The Event

If your venue is in some aspect unique, try offering foods that match the location. For example, consider serving Cajin food when a location in New Orleans is concerned. One can also spice up the catering options by choosing a food theme or some ingredient used in every meal. For instance, you can surprise your guests with a bacon main dish, Bacon Donuts for the dessert, and even bacon cocktails afterwards!

Bear in mind that food at your conference or event is very important as it may change the guests’ mood and impress them immensely. If you need more inspiration, professionals from our corporate catering company are ready to help.


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