6 Amazing Food Ideas for Your Next Corporate Party

Amazing Food Ideas for Corporate Party

You never have to stress over planning a corporate event. There are corporate catering companies that can help with all aspects of planning. From getting the decorations to picking a suitable venue and coming up with a good menu, your corporate caterer can be invaluable. We’ll even share with you some 6 catering ideas your attendees would love.

Choose an unpredictable menu

Think outside the box when coming up with a menu for your attendees. You need to work closely with your corporate caterer Toronto to ensure all dietary needs are met. Think of foods that people love and are unexpected in a corporate party. You can have a taco station where you serve delicious options and your guests will remember the event for a long time.

Set up live chef stations

Looking for a way to entertain your guests and give them some good food they’ll enjoy? To spice up the event, have chefs cooking the food at different live stations strategically located close to where the attendees are seated. You create a spectacle that your guests will love and also give them fresh and hot food served on their plates.

Choose a theme

There are two reasons why choosing a theme is important. For a start, themes make planning the rest of the event easy. With a theme, you can have an idea on what to include in your menu. In fact, a theme gives your menu some direction. It can also help your caterer to know what kinds of foods would suit the event so they can incorporate it seamlessly to form a unique and tasty menu.

Have signature cocktails

Consider welcoming the attendees to the evening event with a signature cocktail. It’s a nice way to make the event more memorable and also initiate conversations as people enjoying sipping their favorite drinks. You can even hire a professional to pour the cocktail to guests as they arrive. Use the signature cocktail as another opportunity to wow your guests.

Presentation is key

When it comes to corporate catering Toronto, bear in mind that the way the food is presented is just as important as its flavor. It’s important for food to be beautifully presented so that it looks appetizing for your attendees to actually want to try it out. Most people will not even try to taste food that is poorly presented. You want guest to take pictures of the beautifully presented food and share it on social media. This gives your brand more visibility as they go on bragging about the event.

Set up a dessert station

Imagine having a station where you serve all kinds of dessert? Desserts are always the easiest food items to pull people in. You can offer different flavors of sweet pastries and ice creams. Use this opportunity to wow your guests with miniature desserts and appetizers that they can sample as they please. Choose a good layout so they can start feasting with their eyes.


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