Best Ideas For Outdoor Corporate Events In Summer

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Many organizations plan indoor seminars and business events in winter, and that’s why planning an event for a summer or spring month is always a welcomed change for an event planner, and it also allows to get outside. Specialists in corporate catering in Toronto remind: as an event planner you should prepare to suggest event ideas for summer or spring for different employee and customer appreciation meetings, corporate hospitality events, sales meetings and also product launches. Here we’ve collected great ideas for corporate summer events from our professional event planners.

1. Golf Games And Tournaments

There are millions of golf players in USA and Canada, and a golf outing or a tournament is considered to be one of the most popular corporate events for executives every year. Here golf gifts for the guests are welcome.

2. Baseball Tournaments

Baseball can boast a long history, beginning from the 1800s, and different baseball events take place in America and Canada to entertain groups of fans. You’ve definitely heard about event and party options which are available outside the ballpark. Below we’ve named several corporate baseball party ideas:

  • Bleacher parties
  • Upper deck and field party locations
  • Suites
  • Picnic parties
3. Events With Thoroughbred Horse Races

A thoroughbred Horse racing day, delicious food, perfect grounds and a great view is an ideal way to improve business relationships with clients, business partners and employees. Options for group entertainment may be the following:

  • Marquee tents
  • Box seats
  • Executive dining rooms and millionaire’s suit
  • Meeting facilities

Here is a tip from our professional event planners: a winner’s circle photo of your guests will be a good decision.

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4. Concerts And Performances

Almost in every city you can find outdoor series made by the best performers in jazz, orchestra, pop, blues, folk, world music and country. Such music events mean lawn or pavilion seating, separate tents for groups of guests and also options for your private catering. Just think of the night sky, beautiful music and maybe some cheese and wine…What can give a corporate event a more relaxing atmosphere?

A tip from the experts of our corporate catering company: apart from music performances, plenty of city park districts organize community theater performance in the park. A BBQ or something like it, and then the entertainment (the play performance) would be a great way to spend time with employees or partners.

5. Sailing And Cruise Events

If an ocean, a river or a lake is nearby, one can chart a private boat or yacht for a day or evening. In this case you get an incredible view and a successful program. The following corporate options are most popular right now:

  • Dinner or brunch cruise
  • Booze cruise (live music and cocktails)
  • Architectural or historical cruise

Tip from the professionals: it would be an interesting and a thorough approach if you hire not only a charismatic captain, but also a docent which can serve as storyteller or guide when you pass some historic places.

6. Your Private Hospitality Or An Adventure Program Of Your Own

For an outdoor summer event a great number of options are available. For example, a private reception with music and dance performances can be a success. Below are some of the venue types which can help you, too:

  • Zoo or a museum
  • Winery
  • Botanic garden
  • Team building camp in the woods
  • Horse barn
  • Walking city tour
  • Off-road tours and jeep tours and many other wonderful adventures.

The variants are only limited by your imagination. We wish you to plan and organize a memorable event that will leave no one indifferent.


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