5 Catering Tips for Corporate Events to Impress Your Guests

Catering Tips for Corporate Events to Impress Guests

Planning a corporate party can be overwhelming and fun at the same time. You have so much to do. You need to find the perfect venue, come up with a menu and a dress code for your guests. All these need to be done in good time for all the attendees to enjoy themselves. Corporate catering companies can help you in all these. But before you rush into hiring one, read these tips first.

If you are almost running out of ideas, no worries. We’ll share with you 5 tips to throw a party everyone will remember.

  1. Choose a unique theme
    Planning your corporate event with a theme will really help you to gather all your ideas and choose what works best. Your corporate caterer will use the theme to come up with a suitable menu. The caterer can even recommend a venue that would best suit your theme. The theme can help you to determine what foods and drinks to serve as well as the decoration and even dress code. So you need to settle for a theme early enough and communicate this to the rest of your guests.
  2. Beautiful presentation
    You may have the tastiest foods and drinks but if they are poorly presented, no one will want to try them. Presentation is key in your corporate catering Toronto. Impress the guests by displaying the food in a beautiful and appetizing way.The best way to pull this off is to work with a corporate caterer Toronto who has creative ideas on how to arrange food. You can take a look at photos of events they’ve done before to have an idea of their capabilities. Remember that the choice of linens, decorations and even cutlery will make a big difference in how the presentation appears. Wow the crowd by making sure the food looks good. With a creative presentation, people will be feasting with their eyes. You’ll also find the photos on social media giving your brand more recognition.
  3. Set up DIY food stations
    How about giving people an opportunity to choose what they’d like to eat and how much of it? DIY food stations are such an excellent choice for corporate parties. Other than giving guests the freedom to choose what they like, you promote interaction by allowing them to mingle instead of sitting all through. These food stations also work well for those guests with food allergies and dietary restrictions. You can serve a variety of creative dishes at different stations such as pizza stations, taco stations, dessert and fruit stations.
  4. Set up different bars
    You need to offer attendees of a corporate party much more than just good food. Consider having non-alcoholic drinks and healthy stuff for grabs. You can even partner with a local soft drinks provider to serve up their drinks and explain to the attendees about their products.
  5. Live chef stations
    Have a chef on-site to add extra spice to your corporate event by preparing some meals in front of the guests. The chef cooking in front of everyone can be a great opportunity to entertain guests and offer them tasty food.



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