Designing a Unique Corporate Breakfast Menu

Designing Unique Corporate Breakfast Menu

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? If you’ll be serving breakfast at your corporate event, we’ll give you some great ideas to give everyone a light, tasty and filling meal. With these breakfast ideas, everyone will be off to a great start.

Fluffy croissants

Your corporate breakfast menu can do with fluffy croissants that go really well with fruits skewers. Croissants can be really filling for the attendees if they have a long day to look forward to. This is a pleasant choice if you are looking for something light to spice up the breakfast menu. The croissants can have different ingredients such as ham and cheese or tomatoes and veggies for the vegetarian attendees. Get ideas on croissants done by other corporate catering companies in Toronto.

Fruit skewers

Give your guests a healthy breakfast with nutrient-rich fruit skewers. This is an excellent choice because it suits people with different dietary requirements. You can top up the fruit skewers with some honey or yoghurt to make it even more appetizing and nutritious. Honey offers anti-bacterial properties whereas yoghurt has important vitamins like B2 and B12 which are good probiotics. The fruits skewers with honey/yoghurt can be served with bagels or muffins.


There are so many different ways to prepare muffins that appeal to a wide range of appetites. You can have the large and savory muffins or small miniature muffins plated beautifully at the breakfast table. You can present them in different flavors to give people options to choose from. For instance, you can include ingredients like bacon and eggs in the muffin to make it wholesome, energizing and nutritious. If you want to serve the attendees a lighter breakfast, consider having some mini fruit muffins that complement the rest of the meals. You can even have exciting options for corporate catering Toronto such as gluten-free muffins for those with different food intolerances.

Breakfast bagels

Want to serve something savory for your corporate breakfast? Discuss with your corporate caterer Toronto, the options of breakfast bagels that your guests would love. The good thing with bagels is that they are very satisfying so you can easily give guests a meal that can sustain them throughout the long meetings. It actually feels good to know the breakfast you served will give your attendees the energy to keep going. You know how those corporate functions can have lengthy meetings that wear them down. Breakfast bagels are certainly a tasty choice to consider.

Italian inspired menus

How about choosing an Italian inspired breakfast menu for your corporate event? Italian breakfasts offer colorful, fragrant and tasty food choices that your attendees need to kickstart the day on a high note. The foods can be served in platters or wooden boards. You can even think of creative presentation ideas like using ceramic serving dishes. The idea is to create a relaxed tone and foster conversation among attendees. Don’t forget to finish off with a simple yet elegant dessert such as vanilla ice cream that is drizzled with some virgin oil and a sprinkle of salt.



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