How One Should Plan And Organize An Event

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Planning an event or a party may seem a difficult task, but don’t worry. Here we’ve collected tips from experts in corporate catering in Toronto, and these pieces of advice will definitely do you good.

Amount Of People

First of all, think of how many people can be fitted in your space – in case you plan an outdoor celebration, keep in mind that you’ll need room for everybody inside if it suddenly rains! If many people should come to a small place, it’s better to ask them to come at different times.

Have You Decided On The Type Of The Event?

If a large crowd is expected, our experts suggest making it with a buffet-style catering. And a fork buffet will be less messy than finger food. Cold fork foods are easier because one can prepare them beforehand.

Corporate Catering en Ville

Space Required

Not only having enough space for the guests should be your concern, you also should think of what the kitchen staff is able to cope with. Think of the following:

  • How much space is there in your fridge? It’s better to clear out the foods you won’t need on the day of preparation. For example, you can ask a neighbor to keep a few items for you. Of course, the food must be refrigerated for hygiene reasons. Trays, cardboard boxes and plastic tubs can help to stack the foods accurately. For drinks, ice-filled bags will do perfectly.
  • Are the work surfaces big enough? Especially canapés can be challenging if you only have a small work surface. So sometimes it is necessary to add dinner tables to your work surfaces for the time of food preparation.
  • Do you have enough space in the oven or hob? In case you need a hot buffet or some cooking that needs to be made in the last minute, make sure you have the space for it.

Corporate Catering en Ville

Staff And Equipment

It will make your life easier if you have big enough kitchen equipment and enough serving dishes, glassware and plates. These can be borrowed for a day from somebody. Professionals from our corporate catering company suggest: if possible, hire cutlery, glasses and crockery from a company that has a ‘return dirty’ service. They will charge you something of course, but then, you won’t have to wash so many dishes after you guests have left.

Have A Time Plan

Having a time plan is useful; this is how you’ll fulfill your plans without big surprises. Enlist all you need: drinks, food, flowers, decorations, equipment. The home, drink and food preparation need a more detailed planning. We’d recommend you to be realistic and try to simplify all you can. A fun and relaxed celebration with a few different but well prepared dishes will be better than an ambitious demonstration of too many foods cooked in a hurry.

Safety Of Food

Take you food out of the refrigerator just before you serve it. If the guests are not so hungry yet, it’d be good to offer smaller portions first, and replenish them as soon as the first ones are consumed.



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