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What Experts In Corporate Catering In Toronto Tell About The Menu Planning And The Hiring Of A Caterer

Though famous venues have usually an executive chef and also a banquet department on staff, there are many extremely beautiful venues which cannot offer catering specialists and services. In such cases advanced event planners are not afraid of difficulties and use their professional network in order to organize a perfect event.

Before hiring a caterer or some catering company, you should have your own initial ideas about your corporate menu. These tips from our experts will be of great help.How do vegan donuts sound to you? Or cauliflower rice? Do you know what jackfruit is and why it’s a bizarrely perfect healthy alternative to pulled pork?

Corporate Catering en Ville

These are the questions that Google users have been turning to the search company for answers to in droves. It’s clear that people are developing a more nuanced understanding of the benefits of healthy eating, and they want to learn more about preparing and consuming foods which are good for their bodies.

Menu Planning

Your goal should be to establish a perfect balance with the menu. One can go riskier with side dishes, dessert and hors d’oeuvres, but for the main meal, one needs to keep in mind that a big and diverse group of people has to be fed. Just be cautious with exotic meals.

Another important factor is the time of the year. Bear in mind that, though mashed potatoes and short ribs sound fantastic when you discuss the menu in winter, you’d want something lighter when the actual time of the event comes in June.

Professional Advice On Hiring Of A Caterer Or A Catering Company

When you already have some ideas for your corporate event, it’s time to find those who can bring them to life. But we’d advice you to ask a caterer first about what he can do best: a caterer or a catering company know the preferences of the crowd for sure and will tell you what they execute best of all.

Specialists of our corporate catering company remind: don’t be shy and don’t take everything on trust. Sample the food the caterer offers. It gives you a chance toknow more about the catering, to taste and see how it will be performed. Meeting the Chef will tell you how responsible and flexible he is and if he values your feedback. It’s also good to know if the catering will be finished on site or prepared beforehand and stored in a hot box to preserve warmth.

Corporate Catering en Ville

Go Through References

Of course you’ll be given a list of happy clients, but still it’s a good way to learn what the caterer does best. Ask some clients how many times they have already used the caterer and what they would change for the next time.

Ask For Photos From Previous Events

A sense of aesthetic is highly important for a caterer in the planning of the corporate event, and in such a way you’ll see the use of space, the service ware and finishing touches, and you’ll be able to evaluate the style of the event.

Talk About The Services Available And Check Everything Personally

Whether you just give an idea and the caterer organizes everything, or you coordinate all items except the food by yourself, everything will be fine as long as you have discussed it all with your caterer beforehand and in details. You just need to be sure that this caterer agrees with that and can be relied upon.

A meeting in person will offer you a possibility to see the catering before it’s too late. Pay attention at the cleanness of the office and at the greetings, see if the team is organized and performs timely.

Read The Proposal Attentively

Understand every detail of the catering proposal and think once more if you have missed something. Will the tax be included? Can the price change per guest if the number of the guests changes? Compare proposals of different caterers having asked them the same things.

Know Special Requirements And Ask Who Is Responsible

Don’t forget to ask about how the catering company deals with such special requirements like on site changes, dietary restrictions and also late additions. It’s important to know that your caterer is prepared even for unexpected situations and can react promptly and professionally. Above that, it’s crucial that you know your contact in case you need to ask questions or to change something quickly.



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