5 Steps for Stress-Free Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event Planning by en Ville Catering

If a brand relies on you to throw a corporate party everyone will live to remember, the last thing you want is to disappoint them. Planning a corporate event doesn’t have to be stressful. With so many corporate catering companies, you can get help in almost every aspect of planning. We’ll share with you tips to get started planning your event.

  1. Start with adequate research
    You need to start with research. Think about where and when the event will occur. Will you need to work with a catering company or any other vendors? Will you need music, decorations, supplies for your event? When looking for corporate catering Toronto, you’ll need to review the companies they have catered for in the past prior to making a decision. Experienced caterers can help you in planning, choosing a suitable venue and coming up with an ideal menu. Also consider the logistics of the event such as getting the attendees to the venue. Draw an initial draft with this information as a guide. Remember to be open-minded because some factors may not suit your needs and budget.
  2. Work out a budget
    It’s important to keep track of how much you intend to spend. If you don’t have a budget laid down at the beginning, it can be difficult to manage the expenses of the event going forward. In fact, your corporate caterer Toronto will help you come up with a menu based on your budget. Make sure you set very realistic goals and leave some cash to deal with some necessities that may arise before the event. Corporate events can be very costly and the expenses can add up quicker than you expect. Keep track of the costs on a spreadsheet where you have all the estimates and actual spend noted down.
  3. Come up with a schedule
    Setting up timelines is also very important. You may not remember all the tasks you need to carry out off head. To be more organized and ensure you meet the deadlines, come up with a document where you’ve written down all the tasks you need to carry out and when. You can delegate some of the tasks to the rest of the team members in order to ensure they are done in good time. Time can fly quickly and if you don’t know what needs to be done early enough, you may find yourself rushing last minute.
  4. Don’t overlook the important details
    There are certain aspects of your event such as the location, menu, music and security that you may have overlooked. Other areas that are often overlooked include transportation, dress code and decorations. Keep track of these and if possible, choose a theme for the corporate event so setting up the rest will be easier.
  5. Hire an expert
    If you don’t have time to do all the legwork, it’s ok to ask for expert help. Planning a corporate event requires some insider knowledge that can help you to save on costs and ensure everyone enjoys the occasion. Hire an event planner to help with the menu, venue selection and connect you with trusted vendors in the area.



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