5 Things to Look for in a Corporate Catering Company

Corporate Catering Company

Want to find a suitable catering company for your corporate event? Be prepared to do a bit of research. Take time to find a catering company that is willing to customize their service to meet your unique demands. In addition, find a caterer with experience to offer your guests appetizing and delicious food they will live to remember. Look out for these 5 things when narrowing down your options of corporate catering companies.

  1. Find an experienced caterer
    Experience in catering for corporate events is key. The more experience the caterer has, the better he/she is able to handle large crowds and issues that emerge on the day of the event. Highly experienced caterers have run multiple events that vary in size, menu specifications and standards. You must do some background research to determine how many years the caterers have been in business. When you hire an established corporate caterer Toronto, you are almost always assured a great service. They come well-equipped with the skill, experience and expertise to solve issues.
  2. Go for a food testing
    The corporate caterer may show you tasty looking food options they’ve served at previous parties but you’ll never know if they taste as good as they look if you don’t try. Ask if you can visit for a food testing. Feel free to ask where the ingredients are purchased and whether they will be serving fresh food at your event. These factors do determine the quality of food served at your corporate event. You may also want to find out how the food is handled and the kind of menu and serving styles they offer clients. Sample different dishes they are known to prepare and ensure they all taste great.
  3. Go through reviews
    When you have a variety of corporate caterers to choose from, narrow them down based on who has the most impressive reviews. Some caterers offer the best service on paper but it doesn’t work in practice. You can only tell if you read opinions from previous clients. Look for the caterer on review sites, social media and other relevant forums. You may even request the caterer to give you contacts of a few previous clients they’ve catered for. Good reviews don’t just indicate quality but can help you to avoid caterers who have a bad reputation in your area.
  4. Maintain regular communication with the caterer
    Is the caterer willing to offer you an open means of communication so you can get in touch with them whenever you need to? You need to have ample time to discuss with the caterer all aspects of the event. Whether you have guests with dietary restrictions or you need help designing a unique menu, your caterer should be able to help you in all aspects of corporate catering Toronto.
  5. How much will they charge?
    Most importantly, you need to find a caterer who is willing to work with your budget. When planning a corporate party, the costs can escalate fast. A good caterer will be transparent on their pricing from the start so you know what to budget for beforehand.



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