6 Things You Must Find Out Before Hiring a Corporate Caterer in Toronto

Hiring Corporate Caterer in Toronto

Hiring an amazing corporate caterer Toronto to help plan your event can be a tricky affair. You may have never worked with a caterer before so you are not sure how to go about the entire hiring process. With so many corporate companies Toronto, it’s easy to get overwhelmed on who to choose. We’ll help you make a decision on what catering company to pick for your corporate event.

What does the caterer offer?

Catering means different things to different people. There are those people who expect to get prepping, serving and planning done by their catering company. Some caterers even offer event planning services so you can trust them to handle the entire corporate party from decorations to finding a venue and everything in between.

What price do they charge?

The price points can vary significantly depending on the level of service offered. It is important to ask the company that offers corporate catering Toronto to break down each aspect so that you know what you are paying for. Find out if the company has any hidden fees that have not been portrayed in the initial quotation. Ask if the amount that is quoted would be the exact fee you end up paying once the service is rendered.

Will the food be prepared fresh?

It’s always best to have your meal prepared from scratch by the caterers. If you want the caterers to prepare everything from scratch using fresh ingredients, find out if the caterer is able to provide this. Some companies will use frozen foods that are reheated and re-plated for your guests during the event. Make sure your needs are clearly laid out from the start. Bear in mind that fresh food is cooked on site not prepared elsewhere and carried to the venue in hot dishes.

What ratio of staff to guests will be offered

One of the factors that will determine the quality of service that will be rendered by the corporate caterers is the ratio of staff to guests. If the caterer doesn’t come with adequate staff who are pleasant, professional and attentive, your party may turn out to be a mess. Remember that it’s important for guests to feel that their needs are met. Proper staff who have the right attitude will always be an asset to any corporate party.

What service styles do they offer?

The food that is going to be offered to the attendees, whether plated, a buffet or served in food stations, must be beautifully presented. Take a look at the kind of service style the caterer has done before. Are the garnishes striking? Do they have unique serving pieces and colorful plating that you haven’t seen before? A good caterer should be able to bring in uniqueness and creativity to your menu.

Do they have experience in event design?

Experienced corporate caterers should be well versed in designing beautiful menus and events. They should be able to come up with a menu that suits the crowd and even the time of the year when the party is being held.

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