What Does Your Drink Say About You?

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When you find yourself at a corporate event or a party, the frequent question you hear will be: what will you have? And you know that alcohol is meant. Doesn’t matter if you are there just for one time or not, you’d want to make the right impression. The professionals of our corporate catering company share: there exists even a “guide” to drinking. And here we’re ready to show you how you’ll be looked upon at a corporate event, depending on the drink you’ve taken.
First and foremost: no matter what you choose, the best would be not to sip frequently, otherwise you’ll end up drunk long before the party is finished.

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Excellent choice! There is always place and time for Champagne – a specific celebration, a black tie event, a business celebration – but keep in mind that Champagne gets you drunk too quickly, and the hangover is very nasty. Besides, do you think they’ll offer good Champagne at mass-catered celebrations?


Wine is your safe choice, though, as some believe, it reflects a lack of decisiveness or imagination.


This is also a safe choice in many cases, though some people will interpret it as a wish to “hang out with the buddies”. So we wouldn’t suggest beer unless you find yourself at a bar and only bottles are available.

Colored Drinks.

Unfortunately, most of colored drinks are considered to be girly. Some would also say that the guy is a little high-maintenance, especially if the event is at someone’s place or at a bar with a few options. So that’s obvious: avoid these drinks to keep your reputation.

Wine Spritzer.

A glass of wine spritzer in your hand tells people that you’re most likely on a diet. But on the other side, the weak drink can help you to make it to the end of the party and after-party.

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Here you should go classic. Gin or vodka, with a twist or an olive. Without pink color and without flavor. But don’t drink, just sip. And it’s better if you don’t tend to gesticulate when you speak.

Drinks With Club Soda Or Tonic.

This is really an appropriate option in case you talk more than drink. It shows that you’re fine with drinking together with everybody here, and it can be called classy, as well.
Rum and Coke. On the one side, you drink something dark and no one can say exactly what. On the other side, if someone overhears you order it, that may be embarrassing. You know, an 18-year old, trying to look adult and all that.

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Bourbon Or Whiskey.

Exactly like the martini, this is a classic drink. It also reminds gin and tonic because it is served in a safe glass. But we warn you, you shouldn’t try it for the first time at a corporate event. But for those who are already familiar with the drink, it is a great choice: it can show that a person feels sure enough to drink with partners or executives and talk as an equal.


If you are in charge, forget about it. And for others – wait for the after-party.
We hope you find our pieces of advice useful and will be prepared when the time for a drink comes. Feel free to contact our experts in corporate catering in Toronto when drinks, food or entertainment at corporate events are concerned. We’ll be happy to help!


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