Creating the Perfect Rustic Wedding



Creating a rustic wedding is not as easy as you may think, but it is becoming more popular. Just because you want a rustic traditional wedding it does not mean it has to be low budget. You don’t even have to hold your wedding on a farm to get that rustic vibe. en Ville wedding catering Toronto can help you create a perfect rustic wedding. You could have hanging tree branches from the ceilings of a barn or function room adorned with lanterns. Creating an outside feeling indoors can be a challenge to some, but not for en Ville wedding planners, they will help you create your rustic dream wedding.


Mason jars filled with wild flowers or candles can be achieved very easy and cost effective for a rustic wedding. You could use slates to write the table number on or even pieces of wood.


Choose an arrangement that looks almost imperfect, as if you picked the flowers straight from the garden. Keep the stems of your flowers loose for a relaxed feel. Combine shades of white with loose greenery that will still give an elegant but rustic look.


You could have a cookie and sweet bar to keep you and your guests from going hungry during the long wedding day. Use of sliced tree trunks at different heights topped with plates and bowls of cookies and sweets would add charm to the rustic theme.

Ceremony Ideas

If you are having an outside ceremony, you could hire wooden church benches and say your vows under a wooden arch draped with wild flowers and chiffon.

Inside you could have large dried sheaf arrangements with candles flickering alongside the arrangements that make up an entrance way. Decorate your aisle with wildflowers or baby’s breath wrapped with burlap and lace tied to the outside chairs.


en Ville catering, can help you create a mouth-watering menu for your rustic wedding.


For the more casual rustic barn wedding, you could have a sign made out of wood with “Sit wherever you heart desires”. If you love the director’s seats you see at movies, you could have wooden Mr. and Mrs. Signs on the back of the bride and grooms chairs held by ribbon. A cow bell with “Ring for a kiss” painted on it, could be placed in a central location for guests to ring. Try adding candles in jars, wooden upturned crates are so versatile and you can easily turn them into a flower display with large jars of flowers. Also painted watering cans with bouquets of flowers and a garden shovel with a wooden sign saying the bride and grooms name. Bales of hay with chalkboard signs and potted flowers add to the rustic feel. Use large pine cones as place card holders on the table. Hang Mason jars from existing lights to reflect the light down through the jars creating a stunning light display. You could have a vintage ladder and on each shelf have wooden letters of the bride and grooms initials, adding mason jars containing flowers and candles. You could personalize Mason jars and turn them into fun wedding keepsakes for your guests.

The possibilities are endless and with the imagination and creativity of en Ville wedding planning & catering Toronto they can help you create the wedding of your dreams.


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