Do’s & Do Not’s For Weddings

The Do's and Do Not's in Weddings

It can be hard to keep track of wedding traditions and etiquette these days as the trends change and new traditions are brought into the mix. Whether you have been going to weddings for years now or you just started attending them as an adult there are some important guidelines to stick to that will keep you in good standing. Although many weddings are more casual or have their unique vibes, it’s often safer to stick to the basic etiquette to be a great guest when attending someone’s special day.

What to Wear

Usually, the invitation will state a dress code of some sort. If you aren’t sure what it means, there are many resources available online where you’ll find ideas on how to dress appropriately and follow the dress code. If there are no instructions, semi-formal apparel is a good safe guess. Ladies, stay away from white. Many people don’t care anymore, and this is an old taboo but it still can end up being an awkward moment. Play it safe and wear any other color but white.

What to Do About Gifts

What to do About Gifts

There’s usually a registry, so it’s always best to get something that is on their wish list and that fits your budget. If you don’t have time to get a gift, simply bring a check or cash along with a card. If you don’t happen to have the funds to lavish an extravagant gift for the couple, it’s okay, bring a card and maybe a small thoughtful gift but don’t sweat it. Ultimately, they want you there so just do what you can.

The Down Low on Invitations

People get confused and forgetful when it comes to invitations which can end up being a major headache for those planning the wedding so be sure to pay attention to the information provided there and especially the RSVP information.

There are some ways invitations can be worded but if you’re wondering who is invited and how many are included on the invitation, first look at who it’s addressed to. You can say for sure that whoever’s name is on the front of the invitation is invited. If the invitation does not say “plus-one” that means you’re solo as bringing an additional person not accounted for will only complicate things. If it says your name and guest, you’re good to bring one person of your choosing (just make sure they will be a pleasant wedding guest) When the invitation states family only that means immediate family so don’t automatically assume that your friends and neighbours can come along too.

Now, if it’s just your name on the envelope and you’re hoping not to go alone, you may be out of luck. However, do check the inside of the invitation and see if there are more specific instructions such as a spot to write in a guest name on the RSVP or the number of people coming. Always assume that you can bring one person and one person only if you are allowed a guest.

RSVPs is a Must

RSVPs – They are A Must

Never forget to fill out an RSVP form. Whether you’re attending or not, please respond either way with your intention to come or regrets if you cannot attend. People understand that schedule issues happen and just want to know who is attending and how many to plan for. Do not assume you can attend if you miss the RSVP date and please do not just show up. Weddings are hectic enough without having to rearrange for last minute guests.

Ultimately, just remember that weddings are a really special time for the happy newlyweds, friends and family involved. Following simple wedding etiquette will ensure their special day has a smooth and happy ending.

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