Easy, Beautiful and Breathtaking Wedding Décor

Breathtaking Wedding Decor

Sometimes it seems that the decorations at your wedding can make or break the whole event, but know that achieving the look that you’re after isn’t nearly as difficult as it appears. Take a deep breath and rest assured that there are easy and beautiful options out there, capable of saving your bank account and your sanity. From DIY to renting, we love these kinds of financially savvy ideas, so we thought we’d gather up our favourites and share them so you can get inspired for your big day.


Getting large amounts of fabric to drape, hang and gather around the reception hall will do a superb job of transforming the atmosphere and providing a perfect ambience for your wedding guests to revel in. Although, depending on the fabric, it may end up being a pricey option, there are many fabric suppliers that allow purchasing in bulk, and if you choose a less expensive fabric you can get a lot of bang for your buck with the many different decorating options you get from using fabric. Here are some of our favourite fabric decoration techniques:

  • Drape the fabric from stairs or across tables
  • Suspending it from the ceiling or rafters
  • Hanging the material to cover walls adds texture and colour that matches your theme
  • Laying it across tables as runners or table cloths
  • Using the fabric as backdrops for photos

Wedding Table Lamps

Table Lamps

This is a unique idea that demonstrates spectacular creativity and we absolutely love seeing at weddings recently. By using table lamps around the event, either as centrepieces or as decoration around the wedding venue, it adds a sophistication and classiness to the occasion. Not to mention, they’re big and easy to set up in the centre of a table. All you need is to visit any thrift stores or try garage-sale shopping to find some great lamps that fit your theme. You may even have generous friends and relatives who are willing to donate their lamps or loan them to you for the night.

Hanging and Dangling

Hanging things can add a magical ambience to your wedding, even in excess. Among popular options are large flower baskets wrapped in macramé or ropes, romantic chandeliers and crystal pendants, or even a sea of paper lanterns. They all amplify the beautiful and luxurious feel while being relatively easy to pull off.

Use Herbs & Branches

This idea is not only budget friendly, it’s beautiful and has a fresh, unique feel that can energize and animate your wedding decorations. From the tiny details to the larger elements, you can use simple green, living things to spruce up the surroundings. Here are a few of our favourite greenery inspired decorations:

  • Tree branches and twigs mixed into bouquets or standing up in vases or buckets
  • Sprigs of herbs wrapped in twine with the guests’ napkins
  • Herbs used as garnishes on food platters and in drinks
  • Ferns and greenery used to make garlands and wall décor
  • Greenery scattered across the tables on runners and center pieces

Rented Glass and China

Rented Glass and China

You can easily find the perfect coloured glass and china elements to make your decorations pop by employing a company that offers dishware rentals. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of buying and then either re-selling or storing it all later as the rental company will take care of the delivery and pick-up of the items.

There are so many ways to decorate a wedding and reception to make it infinitely easier on yourself by using more cost-effective and less work-intensive decorative items. You’ll definitely thank yourself later!


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