Expert Wedding Planning Tips And Tricks

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When planning a wedding it is always important to keep up with the latest trends while ensuring your dream wedding happens just as you imagined it. With bit of creativity you can easily plan your wedding in an easy and fun way.

Here is what you need to do and know when you embark on planning the wedding

1. It is advisable to always call your parents

Don’t make any haste, your family members, especially parents should be the first ones on the know. The next people should be your friends who have been around the longest. A social media platform could be the most effective way to share the news of your engagement but it is not the most personal. You know the closest friends and family members who will be thrilled to hear the news from you first before it appears anywhere else.

2. Designate a message of honor for other people later

A wedding day is a very important day as it will be thronged by various people. It would be disrespectful if you were to spend the better time of the day on the phone instead of taking time to appreciate the guests who are gracing the occasion. You can always get someone to keep the social media updated on the day’s events. You can also choose to keep people in suspense and post photos at a later date.

3. When posting engagement rings, keep the nitty-gritty details private

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After posting a picture, it is not necessary to post details about the carats and price. Just take a nice photo and indulge people with it; they will all be dying to find out exactly how it looks like. Everyone will be checking out your hand before the big day so make it easy for people to admire from a distance.

4. Change relationship status beforehand

Once engaged or you’ve tied the knot, you can decide with your spouse to change the status. For some couples it could be a big deal while for others it is not.

5. Send a card for the main event

For pre-weddings and parties and email or even a short message is very okay but when it comes to the big day, a physical invite means a lot and could go a long way.

6. Get a wedding hash tag

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With the digital world, hash tags have become a norm amongst majority of people. Inspire your guests to use it by coming up with an attractive set up on the material day.

7. Public posts should appear in a positive way

Address each difficult situation in a positive and direct way to avoid causing rifts and tensions during the planning process.

8. Ask questions in an appropriate setting

It will be very ignorant and rude of you to start asking the bride and grooms questions in a public place, where people who are not invited can hear. Avoid social media places for such and always get a private meeting to discuss anything that needs to be done.

9. Respect the decision of the couples

In case the couple hasn’t made the announcement then there is no need for you to go ahead and spill the beans. Hold off on sending the public congratulatory until when they feel it is the best time to share it.

10. Behave your best

When invited to a wedding it is also time for you to have fun. Don’t be on the phone all the time documenting the wedding on a periscope.

11. Share photos of the newlyweds

Only do it with their consent since they might only want to share photos taken by their wedding photographer.

12. When taking pictures, be mindful of the videographer and wedding photographer

Moving around all time with your phone isn’t proper. The best rule of thumb is to remain seated and take photos without interference.

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