Five Ways a Catering Company can Help you Plan for your Holiday Party

Five Ways a Catering Company can Help you Plan for your Holiday Party

The holidays are quickly approaching and many individuals have the task of planning their holiday party whether it is a large scale corporate function or just an important family dinner. A catering company can be hired to completely take the stress away, but they can also help with specific details to let you enjoy the party and planning process. Whether you are searching for a catering company to help with the planning of your party, or just seeking inspiration to make the task easier, these are five ways a catering company can help you plan for your holiday party:

  1. The key to planning a holiday party is to start well in advance. This is the best way to not end up in a big rush and panic a few days before the big event. There are a number of details that a DIY planner may not think of, and these tasks can pop up when you least expect it. Two great tips here is to set the date as early as possible, and as the event draws near, start any food preparation that will save you from cooking nonstop right through the actual event.
  2. Plan your menu well in advance and actually cook these dishes, or at least samplings of them, to see where your recipes need changes and tweaks. A great tip is to cook some dishes for your friends and family to get their opinions and insights. Be open to feedback!
  3. If you are planning a holiday party for guests that do not attend your event every year, such as an office party, you will need to send out invitations. Send invitations well in advance. There are many holiday parties and it is best to get RSVPs before your guests choose another event instead.
  4. Approximately two weeks before the event get your decorations in order and create a music playlist. These two tasks can be more time consuming than they seem so it is best to start early. You can even ask friends and family for music suggestions, especially if they will be attending. Many guests will love to hear their favourite holiday song, or otherwise, during your dinner and party.
  5. One week before the party get your complete shopping list in order and start cleaning the house. Start to decorate a few days before the guests arrive so you have a day or two before the event for last minute details; and they do arise. Most importantly, have fun with your planning and if things don’t go entirely perfect, know that it is part of the charm of hosting and catering your own event. Your guests won’t mind.

en Ville catering can assist with planning and catering a holiday party. The company is award-winning and committed to providing innovative, one-of-a-kind catering events in Toronto and the surrounding areas. The company was founded in 1982 by Geoffrey Johnson and is driven by a passion for excellence and a keen attention to detail. For more information contact the en Ville team at, 416-533-8800.

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