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Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Relive A Fantasy

At the 2016 Met Gala most people came across various celebrities adorning bold metallic, and Lady Gaga took her style a notch higher. For Lady Gaga, it is no much of a surprise as she always has hilarious sense of fashion. She presented Donatella Versace,...

en Ville Wedding Catering Company
Tasty Sea Food Ideas Your Wedding

The smell of the sea and the magical experience you get while at the sea shore can make you desire to be there for the rest of your life. How about adding such an experience to your wedding? Getting sea food for your guests is...

en Ville Wedding Catering Company
How To Tip Each Of Your Wedding Pros

With wedding expenses going higher, gratuities usually add up and keeping track of what is expected is quite difficult. In spite of all these and although it’s not a rule, tipping should be done as an appreciation for a job well done. Some vendors will...