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3 Delicious Food Ideas for Wedding in Summer
3 Delicious Food Ideas for Wedding in Summer

When you already choose wine and food for your wedding, and decide for a menu of this beautiful summer event, you may probably make a mistake by trying to make everyone happy. Specialists in wedding catering in Toronto are ready to reveal some secrets of summer...

10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer
10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer

In spring, we usually begin to think about these beautiful summer weddings to come in June, July and August. Nothing can compare to a summer evening somewhere out in the Smoky Mountains, and we enjoy thinking of exquisite menus suitable for a wedding reception in...

5 new and fashionable ideas in wedding catering for 2017
5 New And Fashionable Ideas In Wedding Catering For 2017

You can find it very hard to make decisions about a wedding, especially when food and drinks are concerned. There are plenty of options in the field of wedding catering, and professional caterers will manage to make nearly all your wishes for this special occasion...

Non Alcoholic Wedding Drinks Ideas
Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas And Mocktail Recipes For Your Wedding Party

Non-alcoholic drinks seem to be the new trend for Toronto wedding catering in 2017. This new crop of health-conscious consumers has kept manufactures and caterers on their toes in a bid to satisfy the healthy demands. Approximately one fifth of the people who attend your...

Vegetarian Wedding Catering Toronto
Vegetarian Catering Options For Weddings

If you prefer having veggies instead of meat as your main dish, there are lots of vegetarian catering options you can consider for your special occasion. Vegetarian meals never have to be plain and boring. Those who pick veggies shouldn’t feel undermined. Veggies can be...

Wedding Desserts Options
Incredible Wedding Dessert Ideas To Include In Your Menu

Forget cake, there are multiple ideas for wedding desserts that your guests will certainly love. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few dessert alternatives that you can incorporate in your wedding catering menu. Mini Pies On A Stick How about serving your wedding guests...

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