Fresh and Organic Dishes for your Next Party

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Have you ever considered serving guests to your party lean, green, fresh and organic dishes? We’ll you better. As more people are changing to a healthier lifestyle, companies that offer event catering Toronto are now giving clients the opportunity to choose from a set of organic, lean and green buffets.

When you invite guests to your party, you need to try and ensure everyone enjoys the meals you serve. Some of your guests may have different dietary choices. And if someone’s choice is to live a healthier lifestyle – you may consider improving the food you offer at the party. Organic party catering Toronto is far from new. Catering companies now understand that people prefer different diets and try their best to adhere to them.

Let’s look for non-meat ingredients that you can easily incorporate in your party dishes and give your non-meat eating guests a time of their life.

Delicious ingredients for the non-meat eating guests

Organic vegetables

The best thing about serving organic vegetables in your party is that you’ll have so many different options to choose from. Organic vegetables are usually in plenty during the summer. Furthermore, the hot weather doesn’t want heavy foods that make your guests feel stuffed after taking a few bites. These green vegetables are perfect for those who want to eat lightly.

A few options of organic vegetables that your guests may enjoy include:

Beetroots can be served in different ways. You can roast them and allow your guests to serve small portions and add them to the rest of their meal. The other option is to grate the beetroots and add them on a salad. Beetroot salad that has walnuts, cheese and baby spinach tastes amazing and has high nutritional value. Beetroots are high in Vitamin C as well as minerals and fibers.


Want to make your salad extra crunchy? Try add some slices of kohlrabi. Though this vegetable is most commonly available during autumn, you can find it at your local stores throughout the year. If you’ve never tasted this salad before, it tastes similar to radish and turnip. This vegetable can also work really well if you use it in your coleslaw. Make sure you peel off the layer of the skin before adding it onto your salad. Kohlrabi also contains Vitamin C and a pack of minerals.

Green beans

If you want to bring out the perfect French theme in your party, consider adding some green beans in your buffet. Green beans can be a good combination on a salad that consists of kale. Add lots of fresh colors on the salad to make it pop and give your guests a healthy treat.

Lentil pasta

Pasta can be a healthy choice too. Consider using red and green lentils as well as black beans to make a healthy pasta. This is a pasta that doesn’t appeal to vegans only but also anyone who’s looking for gluten-free options at the party. Find out if the caterer you hire is willing to consider such options for organic catering Toronto.



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