Healthy Trends for 2016


eating-healthy-3People are looking more for international protein rich and plant based foods. Now a days, the ingredients need to be clean, organic, vegetarian, halal and kosher. They also need to be free from PHS, GMOs, rBST and gluten, and preferably made with natural colours and flavours.

Eating Clean

Food products will be more often free from hormones, steroids, antibiotics, GMOs and artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives.

year-of-pulses-5The Year of the Pulses

Pulses are crops harvested solely for their dry seed, such as chickpeas and lentils. They are high in fiber and are gluten free. Companies can put them in pasta, sauces, pizza crust, ground beef salads and much more. This year the United Nations declared the “International Year of Pulses” for their role in global nutrition and sustainability.


The popularity will gain with full fat ingredients such as yoghurt, whole milk and butter. People will be more concerned with eating good fats versus avoiding all fats.

Alternative Protein

More people concerned with health, animal welfare and sustainability, will try alternative protein sources, such as nuts, vegetables, yeast, algae and even insects. This will lead to developers creating better tasting vegetarian products resembling meat.

enville-catering-spicesInternational Spices

Previously people wanted heat in their food, but now they want more flavour, spice blends and exotic ingredients. The Japanese shichimi-togarashi seasoning is popular as well as Syrian black pepper and North African dukkah and harissa sauces.

Stepping Back in Time

The return of old fashioned food preparation techniques and ingredients such as simplified cooking, expert butchery, and fermentation. Beef suet, duck fat, artisan pickles and jams will be recognised as authentic alternatives to processed foods.

Noticeable Vegetables and Plants in Diets

This will become more popular as more caterers will use more figs, celery, beets compressed melon and root vegetables. Cucumber may also be used in packaged snacks, as well as added grains will be further added to bread, pasta and cereal for a much healthier appearance.

Hawaiian Cuisine

It is said that the sales will increase in Hawaiian ingredients such as spam due to increase interest in American flavours. In New York, Poke which is a Hawaiian raw seafood and rice dish, is being sold in restaurants. In other US cities even the Whole Foods Market chain which specialize in America’s healthies grocery story is selling it.

Home Delivery

Home delivery will become more popular and with growth there will be much competition between companies offering home delivery. Some may sell cooking kits which will provide a nutritional balance and portion control. While others will provide apps for the modern technology crowd that make dining easier than traveling out to a restaurant. As it becomes more popular especially in the winter months, you can expect grocery stores to offer shipped home delivery to your door.

en Ville wedding and event catering are always researching new healthy trends to for fill their clients concerns in healthy eating. Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event, Birthday party or a special occasion, we can adapt traditional and contemporary dishes for vegetarians, halal, kosher and gluten free.

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