How to Find a Sustainable Caterer

How to Find a Sustainable Caterer

Not only do you want to hire a sustainable caterer but your guests may be expecting it! Sustainability and caring for the environment has become a primary focus and area of concern for many individuals living in the city and here’s a list of questions you can ask a caterer to determine how sustainability focused they are:

 Does the Catering Company Offer Bulk or Bottled Beverages?

In Toronto bottled water is pollution of the past so many and most catering companies offer filtered spring water by the glass, not bottled. Some catering companies use attractive ceramic or glass jugs and matching glassware sets, making presentation even nicer than simply handing out a bottle of water to your valued guests.

Where do the Caterers Source their Food?

Buying local is always best to reduce the carbon foot print, and fresher food simply tastes better! If your caterer has formed relationships with local farmers, bakers and culinary artisans, they are on the road to sustainability.

Does the Catering Company Provide Reusable Wares or Disposable?

France just banned plastic dining ware and we’re sure Toronto will follow suit. Plastic plates and cutlery is so wasteful and if a catering company even used disposable wares for a fraction of their events it would still be too much waste and pollution. A sustainable catering company should always use plates and cutlery that can be reused, all of the time.

Does the Catering Company Recycle and Compost?

So much pollution and waste can be prevented with recycling and composting, so do not hesitate to ask if the catering company has a program in place to handle any materials that can be composted and recycled. This can include programs at their headquarters where all the food is prepared, and at events, for food scraps and unusable food items. A catering company can take their responsibility toward the environment up a level is to use their leftover frying oil for bio-diesel fuel and donate food that is untouched to homeless shelters. That is going above and beyond the call!

Does the Catering Company have a Green Kitchen?

Finally the company’s kitchen is a spot where sustainability practices can make a significant difference. A catering company is sustainable if their kitchen runs on renewable energy, if they recycle all of their paper, compost during food prep and use green cleaning products to maintain their space. Additional ways that the catering company can practice sustainability is to donate or reuse their surplus equipment, furniture, office supplies and computers.

Choosing a sustainable caterer for your event offers the peace of mind in knowing that your occasion is contributing toward the sustainability of the future environment and doing your part to ensure a greener future.

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