How To Make Significant Savings On Your Wedding Menu And Venue Costs

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Holding your dream wedding is always going to be a costly affair. Buying the wedding attire, meeting transport costs, hiring the venue are all major portions of the budget. By the time you get to the wedding catering you will have spent quite a huge sum. Depending on your desires, it could well be a fortune. At times, these high budgets may easily end up making you compromise some important aspects of your wedding. To prevent this from happening, you can focus on a number of tricks to reduce your likely expenditure on the menu and venue. Here are some you should consider:

1. Consider a different day of the week and season

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While it is attractive to have your wedding in full summer and follow the Saturday tradition, a simple change can give you bargain venue deals. Marrying on the less popular seasons say, during the fall or winter, is less popular meaning a lower demand. The same is true for having a wedding on any off-peak day say a Friday or Sunday.

2. Stick with a traditional wedding venue

While you can change the day and season of the wedding, getting creative on the venue can cost you a lot. This is because you will have to use plenty of rentals and buying props to turn the place into a wedding venue. You can save on such logistics by sticking to an all-inclusive venue which has hosted weddings before and has all the facilities available.

3. Whenever possible pick a venue that can also host the reception

Unless your venue is a church with no space or nearby place to accommodate a reception, it is always great to have a venue that can host the two functions. This allows you to save on the cost of a second venue and also the transportation costs you would have incurred. You also cut down on the cost of decorating two venues.

4. Make use of fun foods

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While it may look classy to have foods like lobster and other choice foods, most people hardly remember them especially the favors and other dishes. Instead of fussing over this and spending a lot on them, organize with your wedding caterers to have comfort foods. These, when done in a creative manner always make a memory reception dinner. These are foods people love and enjoy wholeheartedly and they are also inexpensive.

5. Work with foods that are in season

Getting some fruits and vegetables and legumes that are not in season can be very expensive. On the other hand, when it is a season of any fruit or ingredient, the prices are very low and you can save a lot by having them on the menu.

6. Limit your guest list

Although a difficult decision to make, this can save you a great deal of money. When you send fewer invitation cards and feed a smaller crowd not to mention the savings you make on rentals such as the seating, you’ll have incurred fewer expenses.

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