How To Tip Each Of Your Wedding Pros

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With wedding expenses going higher, gratuities usually add up and keeping track of what is expected is quite difficult. In spite of all these and although it’s not a rule, tipping should be done as an appreciation for a job well done. Some vendors will always expect small gratuities but it should only be given for good services. In most cases employers are never tipped, only the employees are appreciated. If the services rendered exceed your expectations, it is not such a bad idea to tip the employer of the company.
A vendor who has gone out of their way to ensure they serve you in the most effective way can get a thank-you note. Below is a breakdown of how different vendors can be appreciated.

Wedding planner

Since they believe it is their job to deliver during a wedding, planners normally don’t expect any tokens after a wedding is over. You as a couple can decide on what to give them. For instance, a portfolio of them during the whole planning process can go a long way. You can also include a small gift or some money which can be handed over after the reception or it can also be sent later on.

The makeup artist and hairstylist

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This is one area where appreciation is always necessary. In case one of the maids messes up with the makeup and the artist readily redoes it, at least give them something immediately they finish their services.

The setup and delivery staff

Give a few dollars to people who bring the flowers, tents, chairs and cakes to the reception area. The money can be given to the person in charge a day prior to the delivering of the necessities.

The person officiating the ceremony

If the officiate is affiliated to a church, it is always to make a donation to the institution before tying the knot. In case you are a member of the church, giving a larger amount is not so bad because these are people who have been committed in ensuring you achieve your spirituality.

The music band

When the band you worked with has entertained guests and pulled out a good show, show a monetary appreciation for their immense talent. The tip can be handed to them at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Videographer and photographer

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Normally, photographers and videographers are paid beforehand on the agreed amount. In case at the party some freelance photographer shows up, and takes some nice shots tip them at the end of the reception.

Staff at the reception

This includes the wedding caterers, on-site coordinator, and matron in charge. Wedding catering is not an easy task so if not included in the contract, a small percentage can be added to ensure the team feels appreciated.

Reception attendants

Only give a tip if the services were exceptional. This is usually outside the contract signed prior to the occasion. Most times attendants could be the wait staff, bartenders, and bathroom, coatroom, and parking lot attendants.
The people in charge can also get a tip provided they got at the venue on time and didn’t end up getting lost. Always remember to include tips when making a wedding budget.

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