I Do’s and Doughnuts

Decorative Doughnuts

The popularity and delicious all-around factor of doughnuts have quickly turned them into one of the most up-and-coming desserts in the wedding scene. It’s not hard to imagine why these delicious treats have found their way into centrepieces, dessert bars, and even wedding cakes this season. They are extremely versatile, people love them, they’re easy to eat, and they add a playful vibe to the event. So if you’re a doughnut lover, and you want to include them in your special day, here are some fun and creative ideas to make them fit in perfectly.

Decorative Doughnuts

The beauty of using doughnuts as decoration is that they aren’t JUST for decoration. Make them serve double duty at your festivities. Who doesn’t like a delicious and edible decoration? Feel free to get super creative with this. Doughnuts can come in all sizes, colours, and themes so wherever and however you display them; they can be custom made to fit your wedding colours and theme.

One way that we’ve seen them used is as centrepieces. Either stacked up high, mixed in with flowers or other sweets or even dangling from delicate little doughnut tree branches. Another great way to use them as décor is hanging on a wall. Imagine a wall of doughnuts? Seems like heaven right? It’s also a super cute way to make them easy to access and show off the festive doughnut creations.

Part of the Spread

Many weddings are now including another treat or dessert along with the wedding cake. Doughnuts are a great item to add to the spread. Whether you’re adding them to the dessert buffet table or having designer doughnuts served for dessert after dinner, they add a perfect little eclectic and pleasant touch.

However, you choose to incorporate these popular sweet treats into your special day, en Ville Event Design and Catering can assist you in customizing and planning your unforgettable day and we can assure you that it will be a hit. Leave your guests talking by thinking outside of the traditional wedding ways and incorporating some creative and fun treats.

Gifts for the Guests

Gifts for the Guests

Choosing wedding favours can be tricky. For some, it’s hard to stay within budget and with others; it can be difficult not to go overboard with the guest gifts. Doughnuts can easily be packed up in pretty boxes with bows and taken home for a treat after the wedding. It looks very cute on the gift table or as centrepieces.

Another good way to send guests home with a doughnut in hand is to create a doughnut decorating bar. Allow your guests to pick a doughnut and top it with whatever they want then package it up in a cute “Thank You” box.

Reception Snack

More weddings are including reception snacks and doughnuts are the perfect treat to bring in near the end of the reception to cure any lingering cravings and send people off with happy taste buds and memories. They can be paired with any beverage and catered to season. Cinnamon doughnuts with cider for a fall wedding, vanilla bean doughnuts paired with hot chocolate for winter weddings and perhaps a blueberry doughnut paired with lemonade for a summer wedding.

Instagram Worthy Cake

Instagram-worthy Cake

If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram lately, you may have seen a grand appearance of many creative and inspirational ways of creating wedding cakes. Many people are opting out of the traditional cakes and choosing dessert options that fit their styles and personalities. Cupcakes, cookies and doughnuts have become some of the favourite alternatives because they can be stacked and decorated to look like a cake while still not requiring all the cutting and plates. The self-serve factor is reason enough but being able to choose a variety of doughnuts that please the palates of more guests while looking beautiful is simply magic.


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