Most Important Things that Your Wedding Caterer Should Know

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Choosing a wedding caterer is not an easy thing. Why is that so important and what should a competent wedding caterer know? We’ve asked our outstanding specialists in wedding catering in Toronto, and here’s what we’ve learned.

First of all, there are plenty of details you need to discuss with your caterer, and some of them can influence the whole wedding atmosphere! The style and type of service, the experience people get at the wedding, – all this depends to a great extent on your wedding caterer.

Food has always been a way to bring people together. Almost every social meeting, family reunion or other celebration cannot go without it. But the wedding is, by no means, the most memorable occasion, and you want the menu to show how special it is. Think of well-loved family recipes, signature cocktails or favorite meals… For example, the dessert that you enjoyed at your very first date can be offered now to your guests at a wedding. Then it is not just another dessert, it is already personalized and has its history that your friends would love to dwell on.

Most Important Things that Your Wedding Caterer Should Know

A good caterer should know and respect the preferences and wishes of the client, and a wedding catering company, therefore, must also be chosen very accurately. Maybe you consider design of the menu to be the most important? Or maybe your granny or other special guests must always have the best service at the wedding? It’s best if you inform the caterer about your priorities and be sure you can rely on him.

Apart from this, budget is always a crucially important topic. Be realistic, think it over carefully basing on your priorities, and then share your plans with your caterer. Our caterers can accommodate you best by helping you in finding a creative but practical solution, and they can also point out too extravagant things that lead afterwards to big numbers.

If you’ve decided to invite some little guests to the wedding, let the caterer know about it, so that you can discuss all the details. It goes without saying that children invited to the party should be as welcome as the adults, and it’s a good idea to make a separate attractive presentation for them.

Most Important Things that Your Wedding Caterer Should Know

Here is one big detail often overlooked by couples: count from their vendor. Make sure that you include everything in your budget: a musical band, photographers, planners or DJ should also be offered meals, though the timing is usually different. It would be useful, too, to ask about their dietary restrictions or allergies in advance.

Your own food preferences and those of the guests should also be taken into account in any case. The personalized design of the menu where there are many dishes you like most is a reasonable thing for your wedding. In such a way everybody feels included.

And the last, but not the least, make sure you work out the right timing and logistics with your caterer. The experts from our wedding catering in Toronto will calculate every detail: for example, where the loading and unloading will take place, or what the alcohol policies in this area are, or who will take away all the furniture and the rubbish after the party.

As you can see, there is much to be thought of. So prepare some ideas and feel free to contact our wedding catering company in order to have a memorable wedding without any complications!

Most Important Things that Your Wedding Caterer Should Know

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