Incredible Wedding Dessert Ideas To Include In Your Menu

Wedding Desserts Options

Forget cake, there are multiple ideas for wedding desserts that your guests will certainly love. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few dessert alternatives that you can incorporate in your wedding catering menu.

Mini Pies On A Stick

How about serving your wedding guests pies for dessert? You can have little pies served on a stick and offered in different flavors. Give guests the option to choose from blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, apple cream and banana pie flavors. Your guests will even be able to try more than one flavor considering they come in very small-sized portions.

Mini Pies On A Stick

Fruits And Yogurt

Want a healthy dessert that your guests will love? Consider fruits and yogurt parfaits. You may allow your guests to add their own ingredients and make a parfait they based on what they like most. Have fruits and yogurt bar that they can visit and create their own parfait. The other alternative is to allow the attendants to pass on the desserts as the guests are mingling.

Fruits And Yogurt


Everyone loves doughnuts. You can create a few treats of different flavored doughnuts for your guests. Whether frosted, glazed or plain doughnuts, people will prefer them when there are options to choose from. Choose a good display for your doughnuts so that it can create something striking and different your guests will love. For instance, you can use the doughnuts to create a multi-tiered cake. Remember that presentation is key to impressing your wedding guests.

Wedding Doughnuts

Homemade Cookies

Give your guests the ultimate night time snack – milk and a cookie. You can serve milk and cookies in a small pack later in the evening when the guests are about to leave. Offer different flavors of cookies from butterscotch to chocolate chip and peanut butter, remember guests love options to choose from.

Wedding Homemade Cookies

Cake Push Pops

These are dessert options that are very easy to eat. Your guests will love them because they can eat on one hand and still burst a few moves. They look really nice too on the display. Cake tops are really nice complements that are likely to cost you much less compared to other dessert options. You can add a color on the frosting that is in line with your wedding color palette.

Cake Push Pops

Chocolate Pudding

These will appeal to all kinds of ages. The chocolate pudding that has been made with Oreo crumbles together with grummy worms is really tasty. You can display it nicely with some small parfait glasses. The potted parfaits can look elegant and sleek when well-presented to your guests.

Wedding Chocolate Pudding

Sugar Sprinkles

Sugar sprinkles are an excellent choice if you want a colorful dessert that your wedding guests will really enjoy. It will look like a really fun treat and comes in various delicious flavors. Sprinkles are an excellent choice if you want to give your guests something different that they will absolutely enjoy. Just think of ways to display it so that they garner much attention especially for those who have never tried out this dessert before.

Dipping Dots



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