Loft 404 Wedding Catering

About Loft 404 Wedding Catering
263 Adelaide Street W, Toronto

Loft 404 Wedding Catering

Located in the Entertainment District, the Loft 404 is a two level venue and creates an eclectic but relaxing space ideal for weddings, corporate events, workshops, parties, pop up lunches, performances, and much more!. Book your Loft 404 wedding or event with en Ville Catering and event planning and create a memorable experience unlike any other!The event spaces can be booked separately or together, giving you over 5000 square feet on the 4th floor, accommodating up to 250 guests, and 2000 square feet in the basement B-Lounge accommodating up to 150 guests.

4th Floor:

This bachelor style loft space is fully equipped with a kitchenette and small bathroom. Ideal for small gatherings.This L-shaped space features a fully equipped kitchen, three small private rooms, and a small lounge.This open concept space, features a kitchen, small lounge, small private room and small washroom.This L-shaped space features a fully equipped kitchen, a small private room, lounge area and small washroom.This open concept space, has a connecting kitchen and studio.


Features large studio, private and semi-private lounge areas, large U-shaped bar, and two washrooms.

Whether you are planning a wedding catering, workshop or another event, the Loft 404 event planning and Loft 404 catering can be orchestrated by en Ville!

With over 30 years of experience, serving the people of Toronto, en Ville Catering and event planning offer our clients outstanding cuisine and exquisite event design. Our team of professional event designers and creative culinary staff will ensure your vision is executed to perfection.



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