Micro Weddings – The New Age of Weddings in 2020

Micro Weddings – The New Age of Weddings in 2020

2020 has pushed our boundaries and forced us all to adapt and change with the time. So, if your dreams of a 2020 wedding have not gone as planned, we are here to offer you a ray of hope. Sure, it would not be the same as throwing a grand celebration with all the friends and family present (including some pesky relatives that you’d wish wouldn’t come) but it’s an intimate, memorable and meaningful way to still keep your wedding date and celebrate together.

And hey, who wouldn’t want to tell the grandkids how you celebrated love in the midst of chaos that was 2020?!

What are Micro Weddings?
Like the name suggests, Micro Weddings typically include no more than 5-20 people – The officiant, the couple, a photographer and as many guests as government restrictions allow. Minimalistic, modern, and memorable, Micro Weddings offer the perfect solution in the time of COVID-19. Described as a middle ground between an elopement and a traditional wedding, this new wave of celebrating events ensures you keep your wedding date while still having the option to throw a larger ceremony and reception when it is safe.

Planning a Micro-Wedding
Even though this seems far less stressful than putting together an actual wedding, COVID-19 hasn’t made it so easy. Keeping yourself updated with the latest official guidelines put in place and finding people who are willing to follow them can be quite the daunting task. From the officiator, the photographer and the event planner/ caterer, and the couple; each one needs to be following guidelines put in place and following sanitation procedures. Let us at en Ville take care of all that for you!

Capturing the Micro-Wedding
Pictures capture the essence of a moment that bring you back to a memorable time for years to come and hence capturing these priceless memories is essential. You can pick a photographer of your choice or get a planner to help you organize one. Alternatively, you could also request one of your guests to take a few pictures of the ceremony. This depends totally on how you envision the day and what parts of it you would like captured and how.

What we have to offer
We at en Ville want you to relax and enjoy the day. We’ve partnered with a stunning neutral venue in The Annex to provide a great space to celebrate comfortably all while following the new guidelines for public gatherings. With Packages starting at $2,000.00 they include: the officiant, the venue, a beautifully created arch and space for the ceremony, Individual champagne bottles for toasting and more individualized add-ons to craft a truly memorable Micro Wedding experience. Once you’ve booked with our Micro Wedding Specialist, let’s talk colour, design, and overall look you’d like captured, so we can customize the details and make your day a true reflection of you and your style.

Covid-19 may have changed the plans for 2020, but let us help you create memorable, intimate moments that will leave you with meaningful memories.