Our Favourite Canapés to Impress and Delight Your Guests

Favourite Canapes

Canapés are delightfully versatile hors d’oeuvres, usually found in finger-friendly bite-sized configurations. As such, they make an excellent choice as both appetizers and simple snacks. While the ways a canapé can be prepared are practically limitless, they’re usually made with a cracker or pastry base, usually toasted, and then topped with any number of ingredients ranging from meats and cheeses to sushi-esque fish toppings. For dessert themed canapés, chefs are fond of chocolates, jams, and fruits.

As the popularity of canapés has continued to attract the attention of the culinary community, these culinary creations have become more and more elegant, artful, and of course, tasty. If you’re looking for a unique treat for your next event or party, you’d be smart to consider canapés—they can be prepared in so many different ways that there’s sure to be a recipe to everyone’s taste. Let’s take a look at four particularly popular ways to make uniquely delicious canapés.

Healthy Yet Delicious Canapés

The savoury and sweet canapés shouldn’t lead you to believe that they’re all so rich. Healthy—yet very, very good—recipes for canapés exist, and they’re some of our favourites. A favoured combination is a cucumber filled canapé topped with feta cheese, red peppers, and chopped olives. Or explore the salad-like options of canapés with a lettuce and salmon spread recipe. Want to stay healthy but try out a recipe that’s still got enough to satisfy your sweet tooth? You’ll go crazy for sweet potato chip canapés topped with a Greek yogurt spread and honey. Add a dash of lime and you might have the perfect canapé.

Canapé Tartlets: Adorable AND Tasty

Canape Tartlets

Mini tart canapés, or tartlets, are a very interesting take on canapés—these small pastries are usually filled and topped with ingredients. Diners may find them in the form of miniature pies or cup-shaped pastries, and a fan favourite includes a creation filled with dark chocolate and topped with goji berries.

Tartlets don’t always have to be sweet—savoury options are available as well. You might find a tartlet that’s been filled with mushrooms and topped with herbs, cheese, and garlic, or a tartlet filled with a rich, dark gravy topped with shredded peppers. Tartlets are an excellent example of what makes canapés so wonderfully varied.

Potato Canapés? Yes!

Potatoes aren’t the first thing you think of when you picture a canapé, but some enterprising chefs have devised more than a handful of really brilliant ways to use them. Potatoes can help shape and support not only the structure of the canapé itself, but act as an excellent carrier for other flavours. A potato filled canapé might have sharp cheddar in the base mix or melted cheddar on top, accompanied by chives, sour cream, and bacon. Or, for a more textured approach, you could try a canapé with a grilled potato slice, topped with any number of other ingredients such as steak tips or strips, cheeses of all kinds, or grilled leeks.

Toasted Canapes

Toast Canapés

Toast is an amazing base for canapés. As if these hor d’oeuvres weren’t versatile enough, add in some bread combinations and you’ve got what’s potentially millions of different recipe combinations on your hands. Mini baguettes are great, rye is worth a short with the right toppings, and melba toasts are ridiculously good. Toppings could include salmon—spread or smoked—caviar, shredded chicken, and much, much more. If you’re feeling adventurous at breakfast, top the canapé with lemon jelly and raspberries. A light, refreshing lunch canapé might have cucumbers, avocado, and a healthy dose of grilled shrimp. The possibilities with toast-based canapés are just about endless, and are absolutely stunning.


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