Party Catering – Food Ideas that Your Guests Would Love

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When you decide to throw a party, one of the hardest things you need to decide is what to serve. You may hire a company that offers event catering Toronto to help out. But before you rush to look for service providers who offer catering Toronto, read these tips first. We’ll share with you some little inspiration on what to include in your buffet.

The food ideas below will ensure you throw a party that is fun while showcasing your creativity and give guests a great impression. Remember to choose food items that blend well with the theme of the event. If you are yet to decide on a theme for your party, think about the kind of guests you are expecting and the tone of the event to settle for a buffet that everyone will equally enjoy.

Offer small, bitesize portions

One of the best things about offering your guests small portions is that they will be able to sample different foods at a time. Everyone will get a taste of everything that’s on offer in the buffet. What’s even better, you can work on a great presentation that will get people talking for the right reasons. Some great ideas of what you can serve in bitesize portions are hamburgers and hotdogs. This especially works well for a laid-back party. You can play around with other ingredients like cheese that people love.

Mix sweet and savory dishes

Another way to do it would be to bring out a fun twist in your dishes by breaking a few norms. Other than serving some plain popcorns at the party, sprinkle them with parmesan, cinnamon or cane sugar to make them a little sweet. There are also some flavoury syrups that you can add on popcorn before cooking them to give it a nice sweet taste. There are other foods that you can make a little more interesting by bringing out a sweet and savoury flavor.

Proper presentation is key

Coming up with the right food combinations is just half of the journey. You need to make sure the food is nicely presented to get your guests talking. One trendy presentation technique is going vertical rather than horizontal. Rather than presenting all the food items laid flat on the table, consider piling them up to make them stand out at the buffet table. Bear in mind that there are only a few food items that can pull off the vertical presentation. For instance, presenting your chips in a tall serving glass or having some vegetable bouquets on the buffet table can pull this off.

Start early

As with all parties, you’ll need to start planning the buffet early. If you’ll need to hire party catering Toronto, begin your search early enough so you are not forced to settle for less simply because time is running out. On the day of the event, make sure the food is ready in good time so that you can have the freedom to try out different presentations that would look good for your party.



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