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About Reid’s Distillery

32 Logan Street, Toronto

Reid’s Distillery, located at 32 Logan St, is the versatile venue that feels like a contemporary take on the 1930s. Crossing the threshold calls back to a time where speakeasies, veiled in velvet and clad in copper, were on everyone’s lips.

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Guests are greeted by a colossal circular bar, where trendy Gin cocktails are designed. Just past this is the 2,500 sq ft lounge, decked out in a diverse selection of couches, loungers, and coffee tables. The potential of this area for a wedding reception is just as it would be for a post conference cocktail. Feeling more space is needed for food stations, or dance floor? No problems, as the space is fully customizable.

Directly past the glass walls, behind the lounge, is the distillery. The natural light provided by the skylight reflects brilliantly across the polished copper and steel of the stills. Here you can shake up your KPI lunch and learn with a gin cocktail course, and once work finishes settle into an elegant dinner on the 3,500 sq ft space.

As your night comes to an end, take comfort in the assurance that your Uber is only meters away from Lake Shore East, knowing that you can return with relative ease for you next occasion.