Summer BBQ Menu 2017

Summer BBQ Catering Menu 2017

En Ville’s summer 2017 barbeque menu is the most comprehensive, sumptuous collection of delicacies this barbeque season. The menu is spread out in five sections. All the sections include a generous and creative serving of desserts and salads made from fresh harvest from the local farms. You get to pick two salads from a selection of five consisting of vitamin and fiber rich vegetables and wholesome dressings.

Summer BBQ Menu 2017 Beef Burger

The burger BBQ consists of an excellent picking of all Canadian beef, chicken or turkey burger served on white and whole wheat rolls. For the vegans and gluten intolerant, there are appetizing vegan and gluten free burgers as an alternative. French’s Canadian tomato ketchup and yellow mustard sweet relish, pickles, sliced tomato, onions and lettuce top up the whole dish.

The chicken and ribs section gives you varied options to suite your desires. There is a lemon and garlic marinated chicken breast grilled and served with Chipotle Ailoli and Pico de Gallo. You also get St Louise-style ribs served with chilli and spice rub along with Maple honey BBQ sauce. There is also a gourmet baked potato that offers you baked Ontario Russet potatoes served with an assortment of delicacies. These include Canadian cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, sour cream, scallions, smoked bacon, baby shrimp with dill and garlic butter.

Summer BBQ Menu 2017 Grilled Chicken Breasts

The Gourmet burger bar is a treat for the tastes with several rich selections. There is the Ontario lamb burger with marinated Feta, Canadian prime rib and Chèvre burger and the Alberta Bison burger with red wine braised onions. These are served on ACE bakery rolls. To go with the burgers is an interesting collection which includes sautéed Ontario mushrooms, Ontario goat’s cheese and Balsamic onion jam. The offered dessert consists of summer key lime tartelettes, summer berries and sliced fresh fruit.

This year’s Canada 150 BBQ features steam whistle beer chicken with Canadian apple cider white barbecue sauce. There is also a six hour, Maple smoked pulled pork with barbeque sauce and red and white Coleslaw. You also get the refreshing option of grilled local corn on the cob covered thickly in Cajun Lime Bar. The accompanying dessert is Canadian roasted apple and cranberry crisp vanilla bean sauce.

The final section is one which you may want to sample out first; the steak and sausage section. This features grilled AAA Canadian Ribeye steak with Café de Paris butter or blue cheese sauce. There is also smoked ale sausage with pickled red onion and Kozlik’s Canadian Dijon. These are complemented by Cedar planked mashed Yukon gold potatoes, local mushrooms, caramelized onion and Canadian cheddar. There is an optional ½ grilled fresh lobster with lime butter. There is a rich dessert that includes marshmallow, grilled S’mores quesadillas, chocolate, Graham crackers, finished with Swiss chocolate drizzle.

Summer BBQ Menu 2017 Beef Steak

Aside from the delicious desserts, there are different salads available in each section. The wide selection of salads on offer is creatively put together. There are local and favorite salads as well as some new servings. Top salads to sample include Insalata Caprese, Southwestern couscous salad, grilled zucchini salad and the five leaf salad.

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