Sushi on a Whole New Level

Sushi on a New Level

The artistic, fresh and healthy food known as sushi has saturated the food world over the past few years. From sushi dates to grabbing grocery store sushi on the go, it’s easier to find and more common than ever before. The sushi industry in the United States alone is worth approximately 2.2 billion, so it’s safe to say, sushi isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Stunning Sushi-Inspired Concoctions:

So now, naturally, people have started to step it up and are taking sushi to a whole new level. The creations coming out of the sushi infusion and hybrid trend are both appealing and mouthwatering.

With all the hype surrounding sushi, we can’t complain. There are some pretty cool and creative new creations coming into existence and they are fun to watch and admire. Experimentation and fusion with food keep things fun and en Ville Event Design and Catering has been creating for over 30 years designing and organizing your special memorable occasions with new and creative dishes that will make your event extraordinary.

The Sushi-Rito

Sushi Rito

Labeled by Business Insider earlier this year as “the next big food trend in 2016,” sushi burritos have started their unstoppable takeover. Said to originate in the San Francisco area as the Sushirito, this monstrous sushi roll of heavenliness has stolen peoples’ hearts and made the jump to the east coast as well. New York has caught on to the trend and is now serving up sushi burritos wrapped in rice and seaweed and filled with different combinations of greens, salmon/tuna/crab, veggies, fruit, dressings, and seasonings. With the ease and convenience of a burrito and the tantalizing flavours of sushi, it’s a recipe for success.

The Sushi Taco

Riding on the coat-tails of the famous Sushirito, sushi tacos are popping up in restaurants and food trucks now as well. They’re a little harder to come by, but they are usually worth the search. Although they are much messier than their burrito inspired cousin, the sushi tacos come in many forms from bite-sized taco bites to giant Man Vs. Food worthy tacos that overflow with goodness.

Sushi Doughnuts

Now this is where we start to venture into the world of artistic creation. Popping up on social media near you are sushi doughnut creations that are absolutely gorgeous to look at and if you like sushi, equally delicious. Where can we get these beauties? It seems that the similarly insane craze over doughnuts has given some brave culinary artists inspiration in creating sushi into a doughnut mold. Absolutely a unique and stunning display at any event.

Sushi Cake

Sushi Cake

Just as stunning (if not more) than the sushi doughnut is the mysterious sushi cake. While some cakes feature more layers of sushi, rice and vegetables throughout the cake, others are wrapped in thick slices of raw salmon, tuna, and other fish. It’s a beautiful love affair of sushi meets cake and we are definitely in love as now we can have seconds without the guilt. The options are endless with mini cakes and stunning four-layer sushi cakes that is truly a masterpiece creation. We’re all for sushi in the shape of cake.

Sushi Pizza

We’ll leave you with more hope for the world of sushi and the interesting new combinations being made with it by introducing you to sushi pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza? Who doesn’t like sushi? Point made. Well actually, there’s more to it than just that. What we love about the sushi pizza idea is that it can indeed combine the right flavors and quantities while being bite-sized and beautiful.


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