Tasty Sea Food Ideas Your Wedding

Tasty Sea Food Ideas Your Wedding

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The smell of the sea and the magical experience you get while at the sea shore can make you desire to be there for the rest of your life. How about adding such an experience to your wedding? Getting sea food for your guests is a perfect way of incorporating the sea experience to your wedding day.
Here are the top sea food ideas for your big day

1. A lobster Buffet

Nothing would excite your guests more than walking into a reception with a lobster buffet. Most people love lobsters but they can be scary to children. Note that this requires you to get the best wedding caterer to prepare lobster buffet perfectly.

2. Salmon Rolls

This tasty delicacy consists of smoked salmon and prosciutto. They are rolled neatly (that’s appetizing right?) and served in very elegant trays. The wedding catering team will also find it easy to serve this meal.

3. Seared Tuna Bites

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While making your wedding menu ensure you explain in detail to your wedding caterer how you want your seared tuna bites. This is because, for these to be crunchy, chewy and sweet, the crostini should be topped with small pieces of tuna.

4. Bite-Size Shrimp and Grits

Who hates shrimp? The thought of shrimp and grits makes some people hungry instantly. So bring on the southern charm to your wedding menu and the feedback will be awesome.

5. An Outdoor Clambake

You can plan with your wedding caterer to have an outdoor reception. Here you can serve your guests with grilled clambake. They will enjoy the outdoor reception as much as the clambake that is a very tasty delicacy.

6. Fresh Oyster on Ice

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Oyster is very tasty seafood and serving it on ice during your wedding reception will make your guests yearn for more. This idea is awesome you have no room of backing down. Go ahead and include it on your menu. The wedding catering group will also enjoy serving this meal because it is easy to serve.

7. Crab with Baguette

Walking bare foot at the beach, listening to the sound of the noisy ocean and mostly watching crabs, has been a dream for most people since childhood. Most of your wedding guest would die to eat hot crab dip with baguette. So why don’t you spoil them for a change and make their dreams come true on your wedding day. Once you include crab on your menu people will enjoy that moment.

8. Lobster Rolls

Lobster rolls are typically served in a grilled hot dog style although they have an opening on the top. If you are hosting your wedding on the beach you should consider this as part of your comfort food. It is delicious and can be served outside without problems.

9. Fried Oyster

If you want your wedding day to be talked about for centuries, bring on fried oyster. This comfort food is awesome and suitable for your wedding reception. For starters the fried oyster is very appetizing just by looking at it and once it’s in your mouth, it tastier and melts in our mouth perfectly. Don’t be selfish; give your guests an experience of a lifetime.

10. Cream Cheese and Crab wrapped up in Wonton

What more can your wedding guests ask for than cream cheese and crab wrapped up in wontons? This meal is memorable on its own because of its sweetness. If you want to get your guests’ attention, try out this meal.