Jonathan Lunn


Just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism, care, class and indeed your passion for preparing delicious food. The day could not have gone more perfectly- in every way. The food was the hit of the party! I think it was even better than at the tasting-maybe it was the excitement if the day. I met V and passed on our appreciation on what a wonderful job they were doing. Everything was exquisite!! Thank you for that. Also wanted to give some feedback on the wait staff. They exceeded all of our expectations. They were friendly, attentive and anticipated all of our needs. Mario was wonderful behind the bar. Alistair was an absolute gem. (They all were) In my work I find there are two kinds of team members – problem finders and problem solvers. Your entire team (kitchen and wait staff) were the latter which allowed us to truly enjoy the day with our loved ones. Priceless. Thank you for making our day an extra special gift to ourselves.

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