The 8 Significant Roles For The Maid Of Honor On The Wedding Day

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On the wedding day, a bride is usually committed to other engagements and it is vital for a maid of honor to carry out her duties well. Right from taking care of the bride’s gown after the reception to filling up her glass when she is thirsty, the list is endless. Her most important role is to keep all incidences at a distance and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

1. Ensure the bridal team is on track and their makeover is done on time

In the instance that someone’s up-do is taking longer than it should, or the lip stick on the pride is not the right shade, step up and reshuffle all schedules to ensure the timings work perfectly. In a polite manner, notify everyone that time is not on their side so the day starts as early as possible.

2. Be on standby throughout in case a rip occurs on the veil or dress

An emergency kit should be availed on this day as it will come in handy because a zipper can break, or buttons can pop out. A thread and a needle ready will solve all these problems. Spillage can also happen on the garment, clean it off so the bride can go to the ceremony looking spick and span.

3. Be conversant with tying up the gown

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Practice makes perfect. Bustling the gown up should be done right from the fitting, to the wedding eve so that you can tie up the wedding gown quickly on the day of the wedding. Especially if it is a bodice, it means there is involvement of tying ribbons.

4. The bride should be satisfied so that she can be productive

Ensure the bride is well fed in the morning to boost her energy. In case she is very jittery something substantial to eat will be okay. At the reception get her a plate with all the assortments being offered and also get her water or her favorite drink to keep her hydrated.

5. Be in charge of the bouquets

Be the point of contact and coordinate well with the florists for the bouquets to come in goodtime in the event there is no wedding planner. Also take the bouquet from the bride when she is at the aisle, and hand it over immediately she comes to sit down.

6. Be a host on the material day

Assist wherever and whenever possible. Take up the cue to help where there is need and take up the role of the couples and their family. Did aunty Margaret say she is vegetarian? Ensure her needs are met. Does it look like the wedding caterer and cake baker are having a disagreement? Try and solve it.

7. Take up control of any loose ends

Have a list for vendors who need to be paid at the end of the ceremony, especially when it comes to the wedding catering side. Be the person in charge during the paying process and ensure all dues are met. Also you need to be in charge of the gift table and keep them in a secure place after the party.

8. Take good care of the gown after the reception

The wedding dress at times ends up as a heap on the floor because the bride is rushing to get changed for the reception. Help her out by hanging it in a nice and secure manner. You get bonus points when you give it back in one piece.

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