The Almighty Burger – Toronto Catering

The Almighty Burger – Toronto Catering

Almighty Burger

I visited four local hamburger joints – I ate a cheeseburger at each. Who’s the mightiest?!

It’s not The Burger Cellar at 3391 Yonge St. Here is a dry, uninspired patty, little seasoning or flavour; dryish bun. Service was poor; initially serving me the wrong burger. Staff were young and inexperienced. Trim north Toronto youth serving an older generation of themselves. Saving grace – it’s licensed!  Overall poor and inexpensive.

The Burger Cellar

A good experience, The Stockyards, 699 St. Clair Ave West. A huge patty, homemade fresh, juicy and with real cheese. Lunch hour service was attentive and very friendly. Homey, dark country decor, the crowd happy blue collar enjoying huge portions. No license, I’m rootbeer friendly.  Overall a good experience but I still have not found the magic flavour I am looking for.

The Stockyards

Here’s a contender for the best cheeseburger in town, The Burger’s Priest at 3397 Yonge St. Juicy, flavourful the meat has a unique consistency  the way it is ground and the fat to meat ratio is perfect. The atmosphere is cool. Younger hip crowd, an eclectic and crazy selection of toppings available.

The Burger Priest

Here it is – the best of the best-

Holy Chuck Burgers
Holy Chuck Burgers, 1450 Yonge St. at St. Clair. I knew this was different; an open kitchen with serious looking culinarians, I ordered a cheeseburger. I was stunned when the order taker asked me how I would like it cooked – at last a burger joint that got it. Medium rare please. The bun soft and fresh, the meat full of quality beef flavour just like a good roast prime rib, an umami sense in the seasoning. This is an exceptional project; these people bring the burger to the realm of haute cuisine.

Well done Holy Chuck!!