Top 10 Comfort Food Ideas For Your Wedding

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The most memorable part of your wedding for your guests is what they eat during your big day. Food leaves a lasting impression from its aroma to the taste. Don’t be surprised; you will blow their minds once they walk into the reception and find the wedding catering team ready to serve them mini chicken instead of the typical trays of canapés.

Here are top 10 comfort foods that will make your wedding the talk of the year.

1. Cheesy Pizza

Talk about pizza and you will get everyone’s attention. People love pizza and serving it to your guests will be one of the greatest ideas. Get a good wedding caterer who can make tasty cheesy pizzas. Serving it at night is fun and it keeps the wedding vibe.

2. Playful Doughnuts

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Who doesn’t love desserts? Why don’t you make the playful doughnuts your dessert? They are appealing and sweet. Besides, they are an amazing way of spoiling your guests.

3. Southern Fried Chicken

If the taste and the aroma of southern fried chicken can make you lose your mind, what about your wedding guests? You should convince your wedding caterer to include this in your menu even if they tell you that it can be messy. After all what are the napkins for?

5. French Fries with a Side of Ketchup

You don’t want your guests to get French fry oil all over their hands. Serve the French fries in cocktail glasses and ketchup at the bottom. The glasses are very efficient because they make it easy to carry. Once you pitch this idea to your preferred wedding catering company, they will prepare it excellently. It is also easy and fast to serve.

6. Fried Macaroni and Cheese

When it comes to comfort foods on your wedding day this is one of the best ideas. You can fry it and put it on a stick and serve it as a finger food. A macaroni and cheese bar can also be a wonderful idea.

7. Milk and Cookie Escort Cards

Milk is good and when served with the cookie escort cards it even tastes better. Your wedding guests will enjoy themselves and think about it all night long.

8. Ice Cream Corns

Whenever you think about ice cream, probably a piece of cake also crosses your mind. Ice cream and cake go together so well such that if they were humans they would be a match made in heaven. Don’t forget to include ice cream as a part of dessert especially if your wedding is on a sunny day.

9. Pigs in a Blanket

When you have a backyard wedding, pigs in a blanket or hotdogs are wonderful comfort foods for your guests. You can make a point of planning this with your wedding caterer so that they understand your idea of pigs in a blanket. The guests can enjoy themselves as they eat this wonderful meal while they interact with each other.

10. Classic Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

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There is no other appetizing way of serving tomato soup other than in drink glasses so that one deeps the grilled cheese. This comfort food has delicious qualities and tastes. Your guests will walk off the wedding satisfied.

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