The Top 10 International Christmas Dinners

The Top 10 International Christmas Dinners

Everyone knows and loves their Christmas dinner but many do not know what others eat around the world. Whether you are looking for inspiration to change up your Christmas dinner or want the taste of home these Top 10 International Christmas dinners will have wishing it was Christmas already, even more.

  1. Germany features roast goose and fried cabbage. Their main meal is held on Christmas Eve and it’s said that if you don’t eat well on this day you will be haunted by demons. All the more reason to go back for seconds!
  2. Italy steers clear of red meat on their main feasting day, Christmas Eve and instead enjoys the Feast of Seven Fishes. Fried eel is a delicacy and the main attraction. On Christmas Day Italians eat pasta and meat dishes.
  3. Mexico on Christmas Eve they tend to go for corn dough pastries (tamales), spicy fish dishes, sweet fritters called buñuelos and stews.
  4. The British Christmas dinner is where Canadians and Americans draw some of their inspiration with turkey with all the trimmings, except they prefer Christmas pudding and mincemeat pies over apple pies.
  5. In Japan Christmas is not a national holiday. Less than 1% of Japanese celebrate Christmas but they have a tradition of eating KFC on Christmas! The story goes that in the 70’s a KFC marketing campaigned coined the phrase “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” which means, Kentucky for Christmas, and ever since a bucket of KFC has been a staple in Japan.
  6. In the United States, the dinner is similar to Canada and Britain, but American Christmas dinners can even change based on the geographic location of the household such as beans served on the southern end. This is of course, in addition to turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, squash, corn, fruitcake and pumpkin pie. Many households from the United States eat roast beef instead of turkey since their later Thanksgiving also hosts turkey as the main course.
  7. In France they have a réveillon before Christmas Day and New Years Day. This is a long dinner and party held until very late. There are many courses and dishes can include: smoked salmon, lobster, goose or duck liver (foie gras); oysters, goose or turkey with stuffing, roast duck and a traditional Christmas cake for dessert called, “La Buche de Noel”. This is a creamy Christmas log that comes in different flavours such as chocolate and hazelnut and it is served with champagne.
  8. In the Netherlands some like to celebrate the traditional Christmas dinner as we know it but others opt for something they call Gourmet. The host chops small vegetables, pieces of meat, fish and shrimp and the guest cooks it him or herself. Guests will create different small portions using their own little pans. There are many sauces and salads to accompany the meal.
  9. On Christmas Eve in Peru the family eats their main meal consisting of turkey stuffed with ground beef and peanuts and topped with cherries and pineapple slices. After midnight the family puts baby Jesus in the nativity scene and the family resumes their seat at the table to sing Christmas carols.
  10. Canada is similar to the Brits and USA but has its own personalized flavour. A Canadian dinner has to have turkey with stuffing (dressing), vegetables, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy. Pies, butter tarts and shortbread cookies are typically on the dessert table and oftentimes homemade and eggnog with a little run can also usually be found in Canadian homes on Christmas Day.

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