Top Delicacies You Can Ship For A Variety Of Tastes On Your Wedding Ceremony

Top Delicacies You Can Ship For A Variety Of Tastes On Your Wedding Ceremony

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A major aspect that contributes to the success of your big day is the kind of wedding catering you get. This can at times be a challenge especially when you are at a new location, far from your favorite options. At times the variety of the menu can be a problem depending on the wedding caterers you choose to work with.

Luckily, you have the option to ship your desired foot item to your destinations. It saves you a lot of preparation time and you are assured of great taste thanks to the skill that goes into making them. Better still, you can bring a piece of your local taste at your wedding. Here are some of the food items you can easily ship to your destination and enjoy the delightful delicacies you desire at any location.

1. Cakes

Cakes are always at the centerpiece of any wedding. Whether it is the main cake, dessert and or wedding favors and options, you can easily get them catered for by an order. All you are looking for is an outlet with plenty of flavors, designs and a proven reputation for delivering on time and high-quality handling of the cakes during transit. You can do this or have the company catering for your wedding arrange for the shipping to your destination.

2. Chili, burgers and sauces

Quality chili and sauces always turn up any meal. You can add variety to your menu and a fun factor with hot dogs, burgers and salad options. You can also cater for the vegan guests by getting them their alternatives too. This can be used for the after-party or at the reception.

3. Barbecue delicacies

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Not every location may allow you the occasion of setting up a traditional barbecue. This does not mean you cannot enjoy summer’s great delicacy at your wedding. Nothing beats barbecue meals from beef, turkey, pork ribs, chicken and sausages to potatoes, beans and brisket. You can ship all these ready cooked and well packaged to meet the number of your guest. The varying packages give you room for tailoring them to suit the wedding. Shipping cost is charged based on weight and the destination’s zip code.

4. Pizza

Pizza is usually another favorite treat for after parties. If you are not getting them from the company doing wedding catering, you can easily ship them from a top outlet that provides food shipping services. Whether it is stuffed pizzas you want or a thin crust, pepperoni or spinach toppings, the options are endless.

5. Sumptuous lobster dishes

This can be served up as a pleasant surprise to your guests. Several outlets offer great lobster treats in different forms from lobster pot pies and stew to lobster rolls. You can even savor the great taste of lobster mac and cheese.

6. A range of cheese dishes

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There is always space for cheese on the menu. Whether it is Colby, cheddar or brick cheese, you can always have your option provided. Cheese makes a great accompaniment to any meal and drink.

Your catering plans should not be dictated and limited by location. By working with a good company you can have all the dishes and meals you wish for your wedding.