Top New Event Trends for 2016

Event Trends for 2016

If you find yourself becoming bored with the same old finger food and cocktail party shindigs and are ready to explore some more interesting event themes, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve looked at many of the current styles of events to see what’s trending around the world and what seems to be not only fun, but entertaining. Whether you’re a full-time event planner or just planning a special event, you’re sure to get some great ideas and inspiration here.

Events with a Purpose

As of late, we have seen events centered around charity or various benefits. Many people are looking for ways to give back and are either short on time or creativity, so offering them an enjoyable way to show they care is a massive step in a positive direction.

There are a multitude of races to support different disease research organizations or charities. Many businesses have turned their company events into silent auctions to support a cause or to raise awareness and funds for a favourite charity. With so many options and methods to add some purpose to an event that will touch people’s hearts and lives, it’s no wonder these have become so popular.

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Pop Up Events

Pop Up Events

Pop up events can offer a variety of activities but there’s one thing for sure, and that is they are everywhere. Pop ups give people a sense of urgency as well as a feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness. People love finding new and exciting things to do so if you offer pop up events, you are surely bound to gather the curious and adventurous.

One of the most popular pop up events are food-based events, where a restaurant will rent out a location for a few months, or a celebrity chef will set up shop for a weekend. These types of events sell because they are exciting and sensational. You’ll also see pop up boutiques and artisan events as it is easier for artists and boutiques to draw bigger crowds and it’s more practical to band together and create fun events for people to shop multiple small vendors in one place.

Experience Events

Due to the heightened popularity of realistic immersion games and experiences in the technology fields, people have been toying with new types of events that use these experiences to include more people. These types of events could be online or in large stadiums because the variety of technology and the rapid development has made the creatives run wild with fantastic experimental ideas.

Some ways businesses use these types of experiences are for the promotion of their brand and products as well as a heightened sense of atmosphere at a party. Some companies have already created experiential products that include scavenger hunts that lead to rewards and gift cards while others use this technology to wrap an entire event in colour and unworldly decoration.

Tech Events

Tech Events

Beyond the Experience type of event, some companies are looking to fully embrace the rise of social media and online networking to its fullest extent. The utilization of apps, online broadcasting, 360° video and virtual reality cameras can be a powerful tool in marketing to a new generation of tech users. Building an event around these aspects is a bold and fresh step towards growing a new brand or reviving an old one.

These newest trends may not all be tried and true, but they are the perfect way to step up any event you may have. Look for ways to incorporate purpose, a unique and limited vibe as well as a more experience oriented event. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond what’s normal because that’s where events really get peoples’ attention.


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